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MEDION vacuum robot with mopping function MD 19510, systematic navigation, up to 100m², obstacle detection, cleaning under furniture (8cm), animal hair and allergy sufferers optimized, 90 min. Running time, programming function, model 2020

MEDION vacuum robot with mopping function MD 19510, systematic navigation, up to 100m², obstacle detection, cleaning under furniture (8cm), animal hair and allergy sufferers optimized, 90 min. Running time, programming function, model 2020

  • 2in1 function: vacuuming and wiping
  • Obstacle and stair detection
  • Optimized for animal hair and allergy sufferers
  • Programming function, 90 min. Running time
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Condition: Brand New


Brand New & Sealed. Official UK Stock. Next Working Day Delivery (M-F.)


1 Year

The 2in1 vacuum robot with a system


Two become one

With this 2-in-1 vacuum robot you can bring a real all-rounder into your home. The combi household helper can vacuum as well as wipe and takes over the complete floor cleaning for you! In suction mode, the cleaning devil removes dust, hair, pollen or dirt from all hard floors. For the subsequent damp cleaning, you can turn the all-rounder into a mopping robot in a few simple steps, which cleans gently with water and a microfiber cloth. You save valuable time because you don't even have to be present for the cleaning. You simply program your desired start time and lean back, go shopping or meet up with friends. House cleaning has never been so easy!

Even smarter, more thorough

Our 2-in-1 domestic help is also extra clever and drives through your apartment with systematic navigation. The room is divided into several squares, which the vacuum robot moves down individually in lanes. This will make your floors even cleaner faster and you will enjoy more time for the pleasant side of life.

Double cleaning power

Vacuuming and mopping - the MEDION vacuum robot with mopping function can do both. You simply swap the dust container for a water tank, attach the special microfiber cloth attachment and your household helper wipes through thoroughly. The trickling technology distributes the cleaning water particularly finely for the best cleaning results.

Clean, but with a system

Goodbye dirt, hello cleanliness: this vacuum robot with mopping function thoroughly removes dust, dirt and hair from your home. The special thing about it: it works with a system. In both operating modes, the robotic vacuum cleaner divides the room into individual areas, each of which it moves in systematic paths. It thus ensures sparkling clean floors even more efficiently and reliably.

Strong perseverance

With its powerful battery, your new robot vacuum demonstrates a lot of stamina when cleaning the house. With a single charge, it is active for up to 90 minutes and cleans an area of ​​up to 100 square meters. That's a lot of time that you can use for more pleasant things.

Can vary depending on the space.

Overcomes any hurdle - up to 2 centimeters

The ambition of this little cleaning miracle can hardly be stopped. It overcomes barriers such as thresholds or carpets with a height of up to 20 millimeters with ease. So it vacuums or wipes several rooms at once - without you having to be present. In the wipe mode, you should rather roll up carpets and rugs.

In need of harmony - thanks to furniture recognition

The latest sensor technology reliably warns the robot of possible collisions with your furniture and redirects it accordingly. This avoids scratches or nasty nicks and light furniture stays in place.

Doesn't crash

Stairs in the apartment? Don't worry: you can use the robot vacuum with mopping function here too. Thanks to a modern fall sensor, the 2-in-1 vacuum robot recognizes steps in good time and automatically adjusts its route - without falling off.

Fits under almost anywhere

Dust bunnies under the bed, crumbs under the sofa: You can't go everywhere despite thorough cleaning? Then this fully automatic cleaning assistant is your ideal roommate. With its clearance of 8 centimeters, the robot fits under almost any piece of furniture.

Fresh air - also for allergy sufferers

As an allergy sufferer or pet owner, you are guaranteed not always to have the time and inclination to free your rooms of pollen and animal hair every day. No problem: the cleaning robot is always there for you. With its strong suction power, it reliably collects pollen and hair of your fur friend and cleans the exhaust air thanks to high-performance particle filters (EPA) - for good air and more time for the important things in life.

Always on time

With the practical timer function, you make sure that your cleaning fairy is always active when it suits you. You can easily set times when vacuuming or mopping should take place - for example, while you are not at home.

It couldn't be easier

Your floors are literally cleaned by magic. This is exactly what this smart household helper enables you to do with clever functions and easy handling. Ensure a better quality of life and, by the way, a fresh feeling in the entire apartment.

Don't give dirt a chance

Thanks to its special microfiber cloth, this household robot takes care of even stubborn dirt. The optimized groove structure of the cloth cleans your floors particularly thoroughly without doing more work for you. The cloth itself is particularly easy to clean.


Main features

  • Systematic navigation system:
    • The cleaning is carried out lane by lane - Depending on the size and geometry of the room, the robot finishes cleaning again at the starting point
    • Minimal distance to the wall when cleaning: Various sensors ensure optimal cleaning paths
  • With two side brushes for excellent cleaning performance
  • Start at the push of a button on the device or by remote control
  • Li-Ion branded batteries
  • Operating time up to 90 minutes
  • Charging time approx. 4.5 hours
  • 0.3 L large and easily removable dust container
  • Dust, hair and pollen end up in the bagless dust container
  • Automatic return to the charging station

scope of delivery

  • Robot vacuum cleaner MD 19510 with integrated Li-Ion battery block
  • remote control
  • 2 spare side brushes & 2 side brushes
  • Filters & replacement filters
  • Water container & dust container
  • Virtual light barrier
  • Mopping attachment, 2 cleaning cloths & cleaning brush
  • Charging station & power supply

Standard information

  • Item number: 50065540
  • Dimensions width: 30 cm
  • Dimensions Height: 8 cm
  • Dimensions depth: 30 cm
  • Weight: 2.05 kg
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MPN 50066594
Condition Brand New
Connectivity Remote Control
Colour White
Features Functions: Suitable for pet hair; Suitable for carpets and hard floors; Timer function, Hygiene filter: EPA, With / without bag: Without bag, Product type: Suction / Mopping robot
Warranty 1 Year
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