Out of all the browsers we are offered, Google Chrome tends to be the most widely used. Whether this is due to it being readily available on our devices or its organised, speedy and simplistic search process, up there among the leading web browsers, as of 2021. However, another lesser-used browser is quickly climbing the popularity ladder, and that is Microsoft Edge. Much like Chrome, Edge is widely available on an array of operating systems and devices plus helps you find whatever information you need online. But what does Microsoft Edge offer users that Chrome does not? Let’s find out! 


Vertical tabs: 

Let’s say you’re casually surfing the web, online shopping or studying when suddenly... you realise just how many tabs are open. Not only does it become a struggle to find the page you need but this also creates an untidy workspace. However, Microsoft Edge provides a solution for this with its vertical tabs feature. You can move your saved tabs to the side of the page in a list format which keeps them more organized and shows more of the tab name. If that doesn’t sound innovative enough, you will be able to fit even more tabs on the screen than before to further organise your saved web pages! 


Edge is pre-installed into Windows 11: 

Windows 11 is widely available on many compatible devices for manual installation. Since Microsoft Edge is readily a part of Windows 11, you will have complete access to the browser once the update is complete! Not only is Edge available via Windows 11, but it is also accessible on Android and Mac iOS operating systems for easy access and familiarity, especially when you have the browser installed on multiple devices. 


Edge supports Progressive Website Apps (PWAs): 

Progressive website apps (PWAs) are a feature in Microsoft Edge that allows websites to be turned into quick-access apps. Such websites include popular social media platforms, so PWAs are an incredibly useful tool for busy days or a quick peek at the news while travelling. Carrying out this process is also incredibly simple: click on Settings Menu > Apps > Install as App, and there you have it- your very own PWA! Once the website has been transformed into the app you can add this to your taskbar, avoiding the need for multiple tabs to be open at once and therefore, a messy workspace. 


The bottom line: 

It is so easy to turn to the very first browser that’s installed in your device, but Microsoft Edge is one which is well worth trying, especially if you prefer a tidy workspace or quick access to your frequently visited pages. If you have Windows 11 installed, all you need to do is access Edge on the Taskbar and happy browsing!