Microsoft laptops have made their mark in the industry as the best business laptops. Thanks to their innovative design, exceptional processing capabilities, and fool proof security, these laptops are well-equipped to handle intensive workloads and critical data. However, for a business laptop, security is paramount and matters even more than functionality. In this article, we will discuss the security features of the best Microsoft laptops for professional use. 

Surface security overview 

Microsoft Surface laptops have been making constant efforts to ensure that your data is safe from malware attacks and firmware thefts. In 2015, these laptops started using a unified approach to data security via end-to-end ownership of both hardware and firmware. This novel approach to data security ensures that no unauthorised entity gets access to any of your critical information or data files. Hence, getting a Surface laptop for small business is an ideal choice. 

Security Features and Components 

Microsoft maintains ultimate control over every layer via a chip-to-cloud-maintained security system. This proactive approach to protection assures that you can work whenever and wherever you want with complete peace of mind that your business data is one hundred percent safe and secure. These security systems have been extremely simplified, making it easier for IT personnel to stay focused. Let’s look at some of the top Microsoft-designed and built components for ensuring maximum security. 




Physical TPM 2.0 

Trusted Platform Module: This microcontroller saves all your credentials and passwords in cryptographic keys to ensure that no one else can access them other than you. For instance, Bit locker, Windows, Hello, and AD credentials 

Windows Hello for Business 

Windows Hello lets you log in and out of your device using biometric methods of identification. Instead of putting in your old and traditional manual passwords, you can enter your laptop with just your fingerprint or retina recognition. Not only is this more secure, but it also saves you precious time. 

Integrated encryption 

As evident from the name, this feature integrates your security system to enable a seamless user experience. You can save all your passwords in one place and then login passwordlessly whenever you want. This eliminates the possibility of someone else seeing your password, ensuring maximum protection and security. 

Factory level security protocols and inspection 

When it comes to safety, there is no such thing as "too much privacy." Whether you are running a small business or a multinational corporation, the Surface laptop for productivity has got you covered. 

It is a common practise for businesses to hire third-party vendors for the design and manufacturing of different components. Unfortunately, this outsourcing can come with a set of risks. For example, the vendor might not be using the same robust coding or security techniques as the brand itself. The vendor may also fall victim to hacking attempts, breaching the safety of the whole batch. 

To prevent this from happening, Microsoft relies only on itself. All the components are built, designed, and assembled by the brand itself. No third-party entities or vendors are included in the process. 

Having a robust and autonomous supply chain also means that all finished products meet Microsoft's quality standards. For this reason, when buying a Microsoft Surface laptop for work, you can rest assured that all the components in your device are genuine and free of any malicious manipulation. 

Windows Security Features 

In most cases, any information stored in your PC's memory is the easiest target for an attacker. The threat of these attacks can range from minor compromises to fully fledged system breakdowns. To ensure that your information stays protected from such attacks, Windows has come up with multiple security features. 


First is VBS, i.e., virtualization-based security. This technology isolates all computer operations from each other, resulting in advanced protection for your system. In this case, even if one of the operations gets hacked or attacked, the damage won’t spread to the whole system. 

HPCI (Memory Integrity) 

The second is hypervisor-protected code integrity, also commonly referred to as memory integrity. As evident from its name, this function works by safely protecting your memory. This function works by using the Windows hypervisor to create an isolated environment where all the saved information stays protected from any malware attack. It also restricts kernel memory allocations unless they have passed all security checks. Usually, "memory integrity" is activated in Windows by default. But if it isn’t, you can turn it on with simple configurations. 

Registry key 







EnabledBootId=<Current BootId> 

Bootld is an advanced security feature in Microsoft Surface laptops that counters the impact of memory integrity. In any case, if the boot driver fails to run a specific operation, Bootld will automatically turn "memory integrity" off, so any of your precious files don’t end up crashing. 

The best Microsoft laptops for professional use 

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

  • Intel Core i5 10th Gen. Processor 
  • 4 in. screen size, 1536 x 1024 
  • Intel UHD Graphics GPU 
  • Windows 10 Pro 
  • Fingerprint scanner 

The Surface Laptop Go (21O-00004) is one of the best Microsoft Surface laptops for professional use. With its compact and sleek size, this device is ideal for productivity on the go. The Intel Core i5 processors, Intel UHD graphics, and SSD storage of 256 GB—all these features make this one of the best business laptops in 2023.

From a security perspective, the Surface Laptop Go has multiple safety-related features. First off, there is a fingerprint sensor embedded within the "Power" button. The biometric identification on this laptop is extremely rapid. Simply click on the power button, and you’ll be logged in within a few seconds. This is highly beneficial for employees who are constantly coming back and forth to their screens and juggling multiple things at once. 

If you are a casual user with entry-level requirements, you can get the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go (21K-00004). This variant comes with 4 GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD, making it perfect for handling all basic activities such as casual gaming, multitasking, or daily computations. 

However, if you are a more intensive user with challenging work needs and storage requirements, then the Surface Laptop Go (21O-00004) is a much better option. This variant comes with 8 GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. You can experience seamless multitasking and interruption-free processing with this device at your disposal. 

That’s not all. Laptop Outlet also offers a renewed version of the Surface Laptop Go. The Surface Laptop Go (21O-00004-Renewed) It comes with 16 GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD, making it the fastest performing variant of the Go series. This is the ideal alternative for businesses that need a reliable laptop while staying within a restricted budget. Whether you need a Microsoft Surface laptop for work or the best Surface laptop for productivity, this device will consistently impress!  

Microsoft Surface Pro X Tablet (E8I-00003)


  • SQ2 Processor 
  • 13 in. screen size, 2880 x 1920 
  • 16 GB RAM, 256 GB Storage 
  • Windows 10 Pro 

The Microsoft Surface Pro X (E8I-00003) Tablet is the ideal device for everyone who needs nothing less than the best. This 2-in-1 device boasts a 13-inch screen size with PixelSense touchscreen and Surface Signature 3:2 ratio, enabling you to make the most of your workspace. You can view more information in one go without having to scroll up and down again and again. 

The device features LTE connectivity, so you can stay connected even when there is no Wi-Fi. No matter how remote the work conditions are, you can rest assured that you will always stay up to date. On the security end, the laptop boasts a TPM chip for encrypting all your critical passwords, credentials, and other business information. 

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Bottom Line 

Privacy and security are the top fundamentals for every business owner. In the current digital era, having a secure laptop has become increasingly essential to ensure their security ascrucial information and critical files are saved in these tiny devices. Therefore, getting your hands on the best Microsoft laptops for professional use is the ideal solution. With the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go and Microsoft Surface Pro X Tablet, you can get both security, functionality, and affordability in a single device.