Whenever it comes to your computing needs, HP is always the best solution for you guys. Whether you want to game, work, or just do your simple daily tasks, HP has got your back. If you want to buy a simple desktop PC, for your daily home or office work, then go no further. We are going to review the best HP desktop computer for all your computing needs.

HP EliteDesk 800 G1 SFF

This simple yet performance-oriented desktop PC is the best fit for your home or office. It is powered by Intel Core i5 4th generation with a 3.20GHz processor. It has a memory of 8GB and storage space of 500GB HDD. The daily operations are quite smooth and easily performed. The speed is great which gives you great productivity. Casual computing can be done on this desktop PC with great ease. These key specs make this desktop the best fit for your home and office.


EliteDesk 800 G1 SFF is compatible with Windows 10, so you guys can get the best computing interface. The system performance interface is simple and easy. Plus, Windows 10 gives you the best security tools and features, so you can feel safe. It updates automatically which saves you the time and hassle, to manually update the system software.


It has USB 3.1 ports, so you guys can easily connect your peripherals with it. Plus, you can transfer your data at a decent speed. Connection with your devices is simple now with this desktop.


HP has equipped this desktop with a DVDRW super drive. It can write your precious data on the DVD, so you can store it and save it. But, if you already wrote on the DVD then have no fear, because this can also rewrite the data you want to burn on it. This makes storing your data quite easy and safe.


The overall graphics of this desktop PC are decent. Even though you can not play high-end heavy graphics games on this desktop PC, but still, you can enjoy the normal graphic games. The result of streaming and casual gaming is still great, with the integrated graphics of this HP desktop. You get to enjoy the smooth graphics while streaming something or doing multimedia editing.


If we talk about the overall appearance of this desktop, it is simple looking desktop PC, but it still gives stylish vibes. It has a compact body that you can easily open, so some of you technical freaks can upgrade your desktop systems, with external memory or storage. Its overall weight is also not too much. It easy somewhat lightweight and can easily be moved to another place, if you want to do so. It also sits perfectly on your table and does not occupy too much of the space.


Well, this was the HP EliteDesk 800 G1 SFF review. We hope you got your answers if you were looking to buy this performance-oriented desktop PC. Overall, this desktop PC can prove to be the best option for you guys, if you are looking to buy a desktop PC for your home or office for casual computing. Get this HP desktop for yourself, or choose from a wide range of HP desktop PCs and HP laptops, only at your one solution for your tech needs laptopoutlet.co.uk.