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 Business Laptops

Desktops and All-in-Ones:

If you have not truly experienced the fast-pace and powerful computing, you can get used to it with desktop PCs. For those who don’t prefer the portability factor, a desktop PC is the best fit for all your needs. We provide a good quality and heavy desktop computers for your offices, homes, or your gaming desks.

The desktop computer PCs have higher specifications than a laptop, that’s why they perform much better while gaming or multimedia editing. Choose from our wide range of tower PCs, mini-PCs, gaming PCs and all in one PCs. We offer best computers PCs from all the leading brands in UK.


Experience the larger-than-life gaming experience on your powerful gaming computer. ASUS Rog Strix, HP Omen, Lenovo Legion series provide you with the best performance, you need for smooth and fast-paced gaming.


All you need to get done with your work at office or at your home, is a good workstation computer. Give your performance and productivity a boost, with Lenovo ThinkStation series and HP Tower Workstation series. You will definitely find a best fit for your needs in a real cheap price.


Avoid the nightmare of tangled wires and huge setup on your table. With the great all-in-one PCs deals, you get the best performance and productivity. You can save the space on your table with the slim and sleek design of your all-in-one PCs.

Tower PCs

Need a desktop PC to set up in your office or home? Find the exclusive collection of Tower PCs with desired specs, features and best sizes. Whether you need a refurbished Tower PC for computer workstation or a gaming rig, you can have it all.

Mini PCs

If you are looking up to saving the space for your computer desk, mini-PCs are the best choices. With the compact sizes, advanced features and latest specs, the best mini computer PCs can be a perfect device. Get the massive range of latest and cheap mini PCs at Laptop Outlet, from all brands including Lenovo, HP, Dell & more.