When looking for a new monitor, some people tend to focus on display specifications regardless of manufacturer, whereas others stick to the brand they are familiar with. Whether you had a positive experience with their customer service, are a happy owner of other ASUS tech devices, or are merely looking for something new, ASUS will live up to your expectations.

Why prefer LED Monitors? 

Unlike standard LCD monitors, which use fluorescent backlights, LED monitors to use light-emitting diodes as backlights. LED monitors typically have superior image quality, but they come in a variety of backlight configurations. And some backlight configurations produce better images than others. Other than superior picture quality it has many advantages which are as follows:

  • Less expensive 
  • Reliable 
  • Consume less power 
  • Higher contrast ratio 
  • Images are flicker-free 
  • Longer lifespan 
  • Lesser environmental impacts 

ASUS PB278QV Professional monitor 

It is the best ASUS LED monitor for professional use in the market. It is the ideal choice in many aspects. We will discuss the aspects in detail.  

Design and features: 

The PLS monitor is supported by a stand composed of a square black base joined by a sliding hinge. The sliding hinge allows for up to 4.7 hinges of height adjustment and a maximum tilt of 25 degrees. Similarly, the hinge allows for the panel to be rotated up to 90 degrees for viewing in portrait mode. In ASUS PB278Q PLS technology is used. This technology offers amazing colors and great viewing angles. The mixture looks very decent for professional use. It also offers many different features, unlike the other 27-inch monitors.  


Multiple video ports are available along with 2560 x 1440 WQHD resolution. The refresh rate is up to 75 Hz which means no screen tearing. Furthermore, this monitor has a 5-millisecond pixel response rate, that is powerful enough to deliver smooth gaming action as well as a decent blur-free motion video experience. Fast-paced PS3 racing games are available. 

Ports and speakers: 

It has built-in speakers of very good quality. It has display ports, VGA, and HDMI is available. although it doesn’t have a USB port.  

Eye care technology: 

There are many eye care technologies used in the monitor.  

ASUS Blue Light filter: 

The blue light filter used in this monitor is certified by TV Rheinland. It protects your eyes from the dangerous blue light. Its four different filter settings are easily accessible via a hotkey. TV Rheinland laboratories certified PB278QV after it passed stringent performance tests. 

Flicker-free technology: 

It's time to bid farewell to those tired, strained eyes. The PB278QV is equipped with TV Rheinland-certified ASUS Flicker-Free technology, which reduces flicker for a more comfortable viewing experience. This technology aids in the reduction of instances of eyestrain and other harmful ailments, particularly when spending long, endless hours before a display watching favorite videos. 

VividPixel Technology:  

ASUS VividPixel Technology improves image outlines and reduces noise bars for clear, detail-oriented viewing. 


  • Amazing picture quality 
  • Multiple video parts 
  • Great viewing angles 


  • Auto-pivot function not available 
  • No USB ports 

Bottom line: 

It is the Asus professional monitor. The PB278Q is a fantastic monitor with useful ergonomic features and options. While the ASUS PB278Q is not as stylish as the Samsung SD590 Series, it provides the same great colour quality and wide viewing angles for a much lower price, and it includes a more adjustable stand and audio input, which are both missing from the Samsung Series 9. 

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