Among Lenovo laptops, there are many that are known for their affordability and maximum productivity. The Lenovo V15 excels in security features, an AMD-packed processor, and a good storage combo. But the most of its selling point has to be the well-adjusted reasonable price it has to offer. The large screen of 15.6-inch is also a good inclusion for regular employees and even students.

The slim and sleek Lenovo v15 ADA comes rightfully integrated with an SSD storage and sufficient RAM capacity. From just the appearance, the neat look quite satisfies the professional desk attire, plus the AMD nonetheless performs up to expectations. The simple hardware and impressive combination of specs makes this laptop great for an easy purchase and good choice.

In our Lenovo V15 ADA laptop review, we have evaluated its performance, results, speed and functionality. You can find out its real-time performance whether you are a professional, casual user or a student.

Key Specs


15.6 in, 1920 x 1080 


8 GB

Operating System 

Free DOS


AMD E-Series


256 GB SSD

Operating System

Free DOS


  • Sturdy casing in plastic
  • Great options for maintenance
  • Good performance under multitasking


  • Not so great viewing angles with TN Panel
  • Mediocre brightness
  • Less contrast ratio

Design – Feel, Build and Style

Made out of rigid plastic, the Lenovo V15 ADA embodies a simplistic yet robust design case. The hinge support given to the laptop is flawless with 180-degree rotation. So, you can easily bend the laptop and let it sit straight on the desk or ground. The side bezels of the display are nicely thin to present a wider viewing angle in the terms of design. The top bezel has HD webcam for the best video call conferences and selfie camera mode. The silver surface has a clean and smooth surface to touch and glide your fingers even on the touchpad.

The Hardware Inclusion – Performance and Speed

The AMD E series processor included in this laptop is a little something unique that you will find in Lenovo laptops. This processor is better in speed testing than its prior edition and you can trust lag-free casual computing. It boasts the base speed of 1.2 GHz and a maximum turbo speed of 2.6 GHz, so you can edit, load, upload and execute standard programs.

The RAM installed in this laptop is around 8GB which comes in a strong pairing with 256GB solid-state drive storage. This enables multitasking at its best even when you need to open several tabs on Google and also use another software. Coming on to the operating system, you get the choice of Free DOS in this laptop. This is something different than the usual Windows 10 operating system, but you can run you best business work.

Display – Lower in Contrast

The full HD display of the Lenovo Ideapad 5 comes with anti-glare technology to provide zero or minimum strain on the eyes. But you get a TN panel instead of an IPS which makes it a little hard for viewing angles. Even though, the brightness levels at maximum are not the greatest at 211 cd/m2, but it is acceptable with the value. However, when we determined the contrast ratio it was noticeably lesser with 566:1. You can use the Lenovo Ideapad in outdoor but not really under the bright sunlight. The overall display could have been better but at this price point you can’t expect much more.  

Connectivity – Ports and Extras

The ports included in the Lenovo V15 come in a good variety where most of the ports are located on the left side. The audio jack and SD card reader are the significant ports attached to the right side. On the left side, you will come across USB Type A, USB Type B and Type C ports along with the HDMI and display port.


The 35 Wh battery power of the Lenovo Ideapad 5 provides it an almost 4-to-5-hour lasting time. You can be indulged into web surfing and consecutive editing or documentation with this timing. But if you decide to watch a movie you will just hardly get to the entire movie watch-time, considering it is a lengthy shot.

The Final Verdict

On an overall basis, the Lenovo V15 is a classic laptop for standard computing including web browsing, documentation, and social media usage. You can count it reliable for office-based applications only if the display does not have the main role. Besides the weak display, everything equipped in this laptop is good for average operations and tasks routine. But we expected the battery life to be a little more enduring for office hours. The laptop comes in cheap price and delivers a fair value for the money except the display efficiency.

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