Choosing your child or teenager’s first mobile phone is a huge decision for any parent. While phones allow them more independence, they don’t come without their risks. As children start to discover the world for themselves, a reliable mobile phone has become essential to stay safe and maintain contact with family. As well as deciding the appropriate age to allow them one, choosing the right model, brand, size, access to certain features and security is just as essential.


The list of characteristics to look for can seem overwhelming, so if you’re unsure where to start, keep reading!


Motorola G62 (Unlocked) Mobile 4GB RAM 64GB Storage 6.5" 5G Android 1

We understand that youngsters like to spend increased time outside so a phone that can withstand the bumps and tumbles of the great outdoors is essential. Luckily, the Motorola G62 comes at the top of this list with its water-resistant design and Corning Gorilla Glass display so even the toughest of scratches are no match for the G1! Additionally, the phone’s long-lasting battery is designed to last all day and more, so you can be assured of adequate communication (or ability of) from your child throughout the day. 


Apple iPhone 14 Plus (Unlocked) MQ5G3ZD/A Smartphone 6GB 5G 6.7" iOS 8

Although iPhones are one of the more high-end phone brands they are a popular choice amongst teenagers thanks to their range of social networking apps, modern design and incredible speed. Ticking all these boxes and more is the iPhone 14 Plus! Its simplistic home screen design makes the phone easy to navigate around, proving the ideal choice for first-time users. What's more, you can get the iPhone 6 phone at Laptop Outlet for £90.99, giving you incredible savings and quality! Also, Apple phones also offer a range of parental control and privacy settings so safety will never be an issue. 


Motorola Edge 20 Lite 5G Smartphone Octa Core 8GB RAM 128GB Storage 6.7" FHD+ OLED Android 11

Have you ever considered choosing a refurbished phone for your child? This means you’ll be cutting down not only on the cost but also the worry of damaging a box-fresh phone. The Motorola Edge 20 Lite is a previously used smartphone that doesn’t compromise on functionality with its leading quad camera system, OLED screen and carefully crafted fingerprint-resistant screen to name a few. Whether your child is a budding photographer or a social media wizard, the Motorola One Zoon provides outstanding photos while being gentle on your eyes. Give a second lease of life to the Motorola for £179.99 from Laptop Outlet today!  


The bottom line: 

Deciding on your child or teenager’s first phone is about getting a balance between allowing them more independence but also responsibility and safety. Sometimes the best phones have a sturdy design, sometimes long battery life and sometimes custom security features – it is whatever makes it ‘best’ for you, so why not browse our selection of phone offers and deals today at Laptop Outlet!