What is the most important thing which can make or break your every experience? Of course, it is the monitor which can help you get the most out of your experience. If you are a fan of curved monitors, then we have a treat for you guys. We are going to review a great curved monitor by Philips known as P Line 439P9H/00.

Philips P Line Review

The first thing which caught our eyes before even getting into the features and specs, is the wide screen display of this monitor. It has probably the most-widest display you can ever find in any of the latest and high-end monitors. But we will see whether this monitor can also provide you the best performance, along with the wide screen, or not. So let us just dive right in.


43.4 in Screen Size, 3840 x 1200

Response Time


Aspect Ratio


Refresh Rate

100 Hz


The display of this monitor will keep you dazed and amazed. It has a wide 43.3 inches display, which gives you the resolution of 3840x1200 pixels. It gives you a whopping 32:10 aspect ratio, which gives you more screen to enjoy your viewing pleasures. It certainly gives you more screen and more field of view, which can be a really good thing to have in your monitor if you are a competitive gamer. But keep in mind only those games will give you this expanded view, which can support this aspect ratio. But if the game which you are playing on it, is not compatible with the aspect ratio of 32:10, then you will either see black bars on the sides of the monitor or the pixels will get too much stressed. But other than that, the picture quality will always leave you mesmerised, whether you are gaming or streaming. The colours are sharp and vivid whereas the overall picture quality is surprisingly detailed.


The performance of this monitor is also pretty decent. It gives you great picture quality every single time, and even in the well-lit rooms or under the sun. It has a refresh rate of 100Hz, which does not seem to be too much but gets the job done. With the high refresh rate, you can enjoy smooth visuals, which are absolutely free from any kind of interruption and lag. Whether you are gaming or streaming the visuals are always smooth as silk. You also get a quick response time of 4ms, which means you can enjoy visuals free from motion blur and ghosting effect. It also has a webcam on top of the bezel, which gives you freedom to make videocalls or stream yourself while you play your games.


If we say this monitor is universally connectable then it won’t be wrong. When you take a peek at the back of this monitor, you will find a plethora of ports, which can help you connect all your devices in a carefree manner. There are two DisplayPort 1.4, an HDMI port, four USB Type-A 3.2 along with two USB Type-C 3.2 ports, with fast-charging feature. There is also a Gigabit Ethernet, so you can also connect with the world of internet with ease. With these ports you can easily connect all your devices to this monitor, and without any kind of hassle.

Bottom Line

If you are a fan of ultrawide curved monitors, then Philips P Line can be the one solution for all your needs. It gives you great picture quality and display, packed inside a slim and sleek body. The features are great, and the specs are powerful. What more could you want from your monitor? So, make sure to visit FiveTech and buy this one, or choose from a wide collection of monitors.