Yes, Lenovo has done it again. Enjoy the power in your palm with the Lenovo Tab M8. The super sleek device is a must have if you are a tablet lover. Enjoy the super simple yet stylish device. Let us checkout what this Lenovo M8 has in store for you guys. 


The 8-inch HD display is great for casual use as well as for streaming purpose. Nowadays, most of the streaming is done on handheld devices, with the ease of lying on the bed or sitting comfortably on your couch. Lenovo has kept this in mind and gave this tab more screen surface area for comfortable viewing. Also, the Tab M8 2nd gen cuts the blue light that can be damaging to the eyes, so it is best for your viewing pleasure without the risk of damaging your eyes. With the 8.15 mm thin body, it is quite comfortable to hold in your hand, without getting tired or sore wrists. 


Tab M8 comes with 2 GB RAM and a whopping 32 GB storage space, so you will never run out of storing space. Lenovo M8 has a lightening-fast and smooth operation interface system, with 2.0 GHz Octa core processor. It allows you to play games, watch movies or surf online with great precision. You can run multiple apps without the system getting hanged or stuck. It is Android 9 compatible. We enjoyed all of our favourite apps that we downloaded from Google play. 


Audio experience on this tab is just great. You can enjoy the crisp audio with headphones. But you can also crank up the volume with its Dolby Audio speakers. It makes you enjoy the streaming experience, even when you are watching with friends without headphones. It lets you experience every little detail in the audio. 


The camera is decent if not the best. The rear camera is 5 mega-pixel autofocus, whereas the front camera is just 2 megapixels fixed focus. If you are a vlogger then this might not be the best camera which you want, but it is still quite nice.  


The battery is better than most of the contemporaries. You can enjoy up to 12 hours of video playback with just a one-time charge. The charging is also pretty fast, which we found to be amazing. While you charge it once, the battery can last almost more than daytime. Enjoy the streaming while on a long flight or just on a long day. 


The Lenovo Tab M8 is super stylish. With its grey metallic body, you get the best graceful look which you have always wanted. It is super lightweight, with an overall weight of just 305 g and thin body of just 8.15 mm. But the super lightweight and slim body does not mean that it cannot take a beating. It can endure pressure and some minor falls as well. So, let the kids play with it in a carefree manner. 



Well, Lenovo M8 is a fine looking and best operating tab currently available in the market. The overall experience is quite smooth. We will give it two thumbs up. If you love super-fast Tabs with a slim and sleek look that makes your tab comfortable to hold, then this one is definitely for you. Get your Lenovo M8 tablet at your tech guru FiveTech. Plus, get the best deals on your favourite Android Tablets