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Best deals to grab on labours day clearance sale 2023

By: Admin


September 09, 2020


The famous yearly labour day sale is here! Labour Day is not just an extra day off from school or work. It is an opportunity to save some dough by getting your hands on the latest deals on laptops, mobiles, keyboards, cheap PC deals and much more. You can use the three-day long weekend to look for the latest deals on laptops such as Lenovo laptopsDell laptops, and HP laptops. This year's Labour day sale commences officially on the 7th of September just like every year but this time cheap PC deals and latest deals on laptops are better than ever. The best and the most expensive brands are ready and primed to offer you the best, and the biggest, discounts on the tech a whole week early. 

The sale is expected to last through the whole week and end on 7th of September at midnight. It is a particularly good time to buy the PC you have wanted since forever or buy the phone that your kid has been asking for so long. The prices have drastically dropped this Labours Day and we have scoured all the latest deals on laptops on Labours Day for you to check out. Read our collection of cheap PC deals and save yourself some money: 

ViewSonic VP3268-4K 

Surprise your gamer kid with this 32-inch professional gaming monitor. The ViewSonic gaming monitor delivers a seamless and never-seen-before viewing experience, thanks to its 4K UHD Resolution. It boasts ultra-thin bezels that offer perfect, spot-on seamless multi-monitor setups. This monitor lets the user play and win gaming competitions by offering one-of-a-kind display quality provided by the 8 million pixels and a high pixel density (3840x2160). Experience the ultimate image detail and clarity while using this monitor. In addition, this gaming monitor also increases the gamer’s productivity allowing him/her to excel in every competition. 


Save yourself a whopping £120.00 with the ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ. With its 32-inch panel, this device delivers stunning visuals that you can enjoy from every angle, thanks to its 1800R curvature that makes sure that every point on the display is equidistant to the eyes of the user. This gaming monitor is every gamer’s dream owing to its Adaptive-Sync (Free Sync™) technology that provides the fastest, most breath-taking and smoothest visuals for gaming. Create and customize the light projection effects however you want. Find out more at LaptopOutlet where you can find everything. 

Lenovo Business Preferred Pro

At just £9.99 this keyboard is a no brainer. This general-purpose USB keyboard continues the tradition of the high-quality Norwegian Qwerty keyboard of the Lenovo ThinkCentre and Lenovo ThinkPad. The Lenovo Business Preferred Pro Keyboard offers the same kind of typing experience that the keyboards that come as standard with the ThinkCentre desktop systems offer. Its keys are highlighted with the most used Microsoft Windows shortcuts to save your time and maximize your productivity. Available in the colour black, this keyboard has a configurable key layout (104/105/106/107/109) that has language in accordance with the customer's requirements. 

Lenovo Miix 520

Lenovo Miix 520 is ranked amongst the best convertible touchscreen laptops by Lenovo laptops. It boasts an Intel Core i3 processor that offers a fast processing speed of 2.70 GHz which makes you forget as if lag time never existed. Multitask and meet deadlines with this intuitive computer. Find the best viewing angle to watch movies and play games with its steel hinges that are adjustable up to 150°. Live in a world of 3D, thanks to its optional Worldview camera. Click here to find out more about this affordable laptop. 

Lenovo Desktop PC V530S SFF 

With a responsive Intel Core i5 8th Generation processor and a jaw-dropping fast speed of 2.80 GHz, this desktop will increase your performance and give your productivity the boost it needs. One of the best cheap PC deals, this desktop. Owing to its 7.4 L chassis and very easily accessible USB ports this desktop practically fits anywhere and is very easy to use. Using the optional Intel® Optane™ memory you can further optimize and accelerate memory performance without compromising on the storage capacity. V530S ensures utmost security and privacy with its Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0. 

Dell Ultra Sharp U2412M 24-inch

Treat yourself to the ultimate LED Monitor that is not only optimally sized at 24 inches but also offers the highest resolution at 1920 x 1200. The Dell LED monitor makes graphics come to life on its screen that is backlit and boasts 16:10 widescreen aspect ratio and has a crystal-clear resolution. This ultra-sharp LED monitor is not only CECP and CEL compliant, but it is also at par with the TCO Certified Displays 5 standards. Control the LED monitor’s brightness or just put the monitor to sleep in order to conserve power with the help of the Power Nap technology. 


Labour Day is a week away, but these early cheap PC deals bode well for an incredible week of savings. There are big discounts on every brand and every kind of device and accessory, from mobile cover, desktops, LEDs to gaming monitors, carry case, and speakers. Get your hands on the latest deals on laptops and the best cheap PC deals. 

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