There are many 2-in-1 laptops in the market that impress versatile and productive users without any second thought. The HP Spectre x360 catches attention with its striking cut-edge design and a bunch of useful features. The laptop signifies its importance by comprising the latest processor, an SSD storage, long-lasting battery life and additional security features.

Besides being a touchscreen convertible laptop, the Spectre x360 ensures gaging creative user demands with its functionality. This laptop is made for all types of people including professionals, student and those who are always on the go.

We evaluated the specs performance in our HP Spectre x360 review. So, continue to read on if you need to examine further.

Specs Chart


Integrated/On-Board Graphics


Intel Core i7 | 1.30 GHz


60WHr 65W AC adapter


13.3 in | 1920 x 1080 FHD Res


8 GB



Operating System

Windows 10 Home


1.3 kg


Did you always want your laptop to have more than one Thunderbolt ports? Well, congrats because the HP Spectre includes two Thunderbolt ports for faster connection and Type C connectivity. You can also charge the HP Spectre x360 with USB C cable, enabling the laptop to charge faster than ever. The right side of the laptop contains a micro-SD card slot along with a headphone jack and a second Thunderbolt port. There is also a fingerprint scanner and IR camera added for security and minimum possibilities of hacking. The left side includes usual USB Type A and Type B ports, an HDMI port and other casual ports.


Who doesn’t like angular-cut edge design in a laptop? The HP Spectre flaunts the curves and edges with its solid aluminium brushed surface like a pro. As compared to the previous HP flagship laptops, the design in HP Spectre is improved significantly. The cutting-edge design can be seen in the hinges, enabling the laptop to bend faster with only one hand.

The first impression of the laptop gives the Spectre a sleek, modern look with aluminium chassis, but the bottom bezels are chunky. Keeping in mind a little chunkier bottom, the laptop weighs around 2.8 pounds which isn’t entirely heavy when it comes to portability. You can commute with the Spectre x360 quite often, without feeling much burden on your shoulders.

While faceted edges, sharply crafted corners complement the slim-chic laptop attire, the Chrome golden HP logo suffice with the greyish colour scheme. The laptop’s look leaves no way in impressing user as soon as their eyes catches this HP laptop.


The performance of HP Spectre is out of the box and just what a demanding user need from their laptop. The core i7 processor equipped in this laptop complies with the 8GB RAM and a solid-state drive storage of 512GB. Certainly, there are no particular lags that can be seen on the laptop while performing heavy tasks. But, in case you need to run most demanding games, software or any application, there are no major disappointments. On the contrary, the Integrated graphics come in decent combination with the Windows 10 Home operating system.


The compact 13.3 inches display exhibits a full HD Resolution that is expected to be ideal with 1080p IPS screen. Although, the display is not significantly bright, the sharper, crisp colours make it up for getting nice graphics for videos and movies. The IPS panel used in the display can cover sRGB around 150%, which validates that your colour contrast ratio is going to be perfect on the screen.


HP claims the battery life of HP Spectre x360 to be around 19 hours with its massive 60WHr battery pack. When we tested the battery with videos playback and simultaneous online surfing, the laptop managed to last around 12 to 13 hours. This still isn’t bad considering the battery life of Spectre’s rivals. The 12-to-13-hour battery life with consecutive online activity means you are going to get an all-day battery life. So, office employees, businessmen, students, or even casual users wouldn’t get any interruptions if they are dominant users.


There is nothing that HP Spectre x360 doesn’t excites us with, including its razor cut-edge designs and latest features. Only few minor quirks could lead in your way but having known that the price factor justifies every spec and feature included in this laptop. From a well-equipped battery life, to more than sufficient ports and touchscreen high-quality display, the HP Spectre is a go-to for productive users.