Having originated from a Roman festival back in the year 496, Valentine's Day is the most romantic time of year where we express our love to those closest to us. People are traditionally gifted with cards, chocolates, flowers, and even soft toys. While these gifts do indeed do their job of showing your affection to that special someone, they have a limited shelf life (and perhaps also says to the special someone ‘I just rushed out and pick these up at the last second as I looked at the calendar and suddenly remembered the date!). 

But fear not- we at Laptop Outlet are here to help! If you’re stuck with ideas of how to treat your loved one then our Valentine’s Day selection and sale are the perfect solution, offering a curated selection of Laptops, Headphones, Chromebooks, and Smart Home devices just for you. So why not give the gift of tech this Valentine’s Day with Laptop Outlet? 

Let’s look at the picks that will make that special someone’s day! 

Lenovo V15 82C30036UK Laptop

Who wouldn’t want to receive a sparkling new laptop for Valentine’s Day? The trouble is that our wallets wouldn’t love us too much for it. Laptop Outlet are proud to offer the Lenovo V15 laptop powered by Intel Celeron N Processing – perfect for your day in day out needs. The V15 is equipped with a 15.6-inch screen, premium design and durable structure, making it the must-have work companion both at home and on the go. And at an affordable £289.99, both your valentine and bank account will adore this laptop! 

OPPO W51 W51-Blue True Wireless Headphones

With wireless headphones of all brands, colours and types becoming a number one choice in today’s tech market, this makes them an excellent Valentine’s Day gift and Laptop Outlet are thrilled to present the OPPO W51 True Wireless Headphones as your go-to choice! Available in blue or white, OPPO W51 are durable and waterproof, making them perfect for travelling in any weather. Powered by Bluetooth 5.0 for fast and smooth audio, there’s no need for tangled charging cables; simply place on a charging mat and you have up to 20 hours of noise-cancelling audio. At an affordable £48.99, what’s not to love about the OPPO W51 headphones? 

PB278QV ASUS PB278QV WQHD IPS LED 27" Flat Monitor

Is your Valentine trying to complete their work desk or gaming layout? You help them do just that with the ASUS PB278QV Professional Monitor! Equipped with an LED 27-inch screen plus a 75Hz refresh rate, the monitor captures even the tiniest details of your work or gaming session. If that wasn’t enough, the ASUS PB278QV is highly adaptable to any user need with a tilt, swivel or simple height adjustment of the screen. And now, you can save £80 on this ASUS PB278QV monitor exclusively with Laptop Outlet! 

HP ProBook x360 11 G5 213V1ES#ABU Laptop

Does your loved one enjoy socialising, designing or travelling? If so, the HP ProBook x360 Laptop is their go-to Valentine’s gift! This 2-in-1 device has 360-degree flex technology so they can find the perfect format to work on whether it’s reading, drawing or typing. Catching up with family has never been easier thanks to the HP ProBook’s dual-camera system which delivers clarity and optimal quality every time. All of this and more at only £189.99, so treat your valentine to the HP ProBook courtesy of Laptop Outlet! 

Lenovo Smart Clock ZA4R0000GB with Google Assistant

Who would have thought a clock would be on a list for Valentine’s gift ideas? However, the stylish and contemporary Lenovo Smart Clock is simply more than a mere clock; featuring Google Assistant, built-in touchscreen and Wi-Fi, your Valentine will love waking up to that automatic morning playlist in the morning and setting those important reminders right at their fingertips. What’s more, the Lenovo Smart Clock is now available at £27.99 so get yours today while stocks last!  

Bottom Line 

Valentine's Day is the time of year to show affection towards those close to us, but that doesn’t mean you have to over budget on finding the perfect gift. That’s why the Laptop Outlet Valentine’s selection and sale offers an extensive choice of technology that will not only win the heart of your loved one but also ease the strain on your bank account.