February is known as the month of love. Even though the tradition of exchanging gifts started several centuries ago, Valentine's Day is exclusively known for gifting your loved ones with unexpected presents and other surprises. People show the significance of their romantic partners in their lives by gifting them something precious and valuable. 

Initially, people used to write love letters for their significant others. Then they started expressing their love via tokens of love, i.e., gifts and presents. But let’s face it. Not everyone is naturally good at exchanging gifts or coming up with romantic ideas to make Valentine's Day a memorable day for their partner. Even if you are head to toe in love with someone, you may still need help making your special day even more special. But worry no more! We've got you. 

With the love month approaching fast, let us help you with making your celebration even more romantic. In this article, we have listed some of the best gifts that you can get your partner this Valentine's Day, tips for making your day an "unforgettable" memory, and much more. Let’s get started! 

Make it surprising!

Gifts become much more exciting when you catch your partner off-guard. Everyone knows that 14th of Feb is the valentines and most of the people in relationships are already expecting their partners to do something special on this day. To add an element of surprise, you can gift your valentine's treat one or two days before the actual day. 

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do anything extra on Valentine's Day. This just means that you can add an element of surprise by giving the gifts 1-2 days prior to February 14 and then maybe taking them out for a candlelit dinner on the actual day. This way you can make the Valentine’s Day a Valentine’s week and spend some additional days with your partner, surrounded by much love and happiness. 

This will also make your partner feel extra special. Thus, to make your partner feel like the king or queen of the world, making your gifts surprising is definitely a good step. Don’t trust us? Try it yourself, and we promise you won’t regret the decision! 

Valentines’ Tech Gifts

If your partner is someone who loves tech and is obsessed with the latest laptops, accessories, and what not, then Laptop Outlet has just the right selection of gifts with exclusive discounts for you. Have a look at some of the best tech Valentine's Day gifts that you can gift your partner this Valentine's Day. 

An outstanding laptop

Most of the people stay worried that if they should gift a laptop on Valentines or not? Well, a laptop is an everyday-use gadget and makes a good gift, no matter what time of the year it is. Spending money on a laptop means that you are gifting your partner something that will stay with them for at least a year. Moreover, whenever they open the laptop for any purpose, they will remember you with a smile on their face. 

Gifting a laptop also means that you are investing money in an asset rather than a liability. If needed, your partner can sell it out or even trade it in for something else (when the laptop needs an upgrade). In short, your money won’t pour down the drain in a matter of hours or days. So, financially, it makes great sense to give something that is actually beneficial and useful for your partner. 

Laptop Outlet has a complete range of ASUS, Lenovo, Samsung, Dynabook, MSI, Medion, Intel, HP, Dell, Apple, Acer, Microsoft Surface, and Toshiba laptops. Not only can you get any laptop of your choice, but you can also get exclusive discounts as a special treat from our side to make your Valentine's Day even more incredible. 

Other than this, Laptop Outlet is offering deep discounts on a selected range of Microsoft Surface laptops. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Microsoft Surface Laptop GO (21O-00004) 
  • Microsoft Surface (21O-00004-Renewed) 
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 (5B2-00004-CG) 

 All of these laptops are highly efficient. If you are spending money on gifting one of these, we ensure that your partner will definitely cherish and enjoy every moment. Before gifting the laptop, you can also set a cute picture of you both as the wallpaper. This will give an even more personal touch to your valuable gift. 

That’s not all. Let us treat you like the perfect darling that you are. Purchase any Lenovo laptop from Laptop Outlet and get a free mouse as an exclusive token of our love. Moreover, on purchase of a selected range of "MSI products," get a free "Dragon." We don’t know about your partner, but Laptop Outlet will surely spoil you beyond your expectations on this Valentine’s Day! 

Gaming headsets

If your partner is a gaming maniac, then there is no better Valentine’s Day gift for them than a gaming headset. For every pro-gamer, sound makes up more than 80% of your gaming experience. The blazing sound of shooting your enemies or your ultra-fast car racing against others makes a gamer completely immersed in their gaming sessions. In other words, a gaming headset is a heavenly gift for anyone who is into gaming. 

Speaking from experience, gifting a gamer with any gaming accessory can become a headache too. Most gamers are very picky and exclusive about the specifications or features that they would want in their ideal headset. Then, there are certain other factors, such as connectivity, sound quality, etc., that non-gamers are not really familiar with. 

Now imagine how amazed they would be to see that you have completed your research and gifted them the latest, top-tier headset that is compatible with their gaming station. Talk about effort, right? 

Our personal recommendation is ASUS ROG Delta (90YH02HW-B2UA00). These headsets have become the talk of the town in the gaming industry and are definitely something that every gamer has his or her eye on. The Hi-Res ESS quad-DAC enables impeccable sound quality for the user. Each pitch is extremely clear, and the sound is well-balanced. 

The USB-C connector makes these headsets easily portable. They can be connected to multiple platforms, including laptops, PCs, Macs, mobile phones, and the PS4. So, you don’t need to worry about any portability issues as these laptops can be easily connected to whatever device you want within a matter of a few seconds! 

Mobile phone

Smartphones have taken over the gifting industry by storm. It doesn’t matter if it's someone’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary; a mobile phone can be gifted at any time or on any occasion. If you are thinking that a smartphone looks unromantic, then let us tell you how you can present it as one of the best tech Valentine's Day gifts to your better half. 

Firstly, all mobile phones come in extremely sophisticated packaging. The boxes are easy to wrap and decorate, and they can be gifted with an exclusive card attached to the box. You must have seen the little cute cards saying, "With love," "from yours only," and "To my everything." Well, mobile phone boxes are undoubtedly the best place to attach one of these cards before gifting it to your Valentine. 

Other than this, you can simply attach a long-stemmed rose at the top of the mobile phone’s box and give it as a very simplistic, sophisticated, yet highly personal and beneficial gift to your partner. 

You can also put a mobile phone in a cute gift basket. The trend of gift baskets is not only very unique and personal, but it also lets you show your partner just how valuable they are to you! You can set up a cute basket with a mobile phone hidden in the centre. Some other items that can go in the basket include flowers, scented candles, perfume, and whatever you think your partner would like to have. 

All of these gestures are highly romantic, but Laptop Outlet takes this up a notch by offering BOGOF (buy one, get one free) deals on a selected range of OPPO products. Imagine flaunting the same smartphone or smartphone accessory as your partner. Pretty cute, right? You can further add the same wallpapers and phone covers to take your romance game on another level this Valentine's Day.  

Matching hoodies

From matching smartphones to matching hoodies, twinning has become the "couple goal" factor for everyone in a happy relationship. This is something that most couples would like to do. Even though a hoodie seems like a simple gift, always remember that these little things are what matter the most! 

Matching hoodies are an extremely cute gift for your Valentine. You can wear it together, go out, take pictures, and do so many other fun things to make your partner feel out of this world. 

You must be wondering, "How will I get the perfect hoodie for my partner from a tech website?" Well, we take care of all your potential needs. Laptop Outlet offers a diverse range of hoodies for its customers. For Valentine's Day, you can "buy one, get one free" from our website. Consider it a gift from us! You pay for your partner, and we pay for you! 

Our top recommendation is the ASUS ROG Gravity Hoodie (90GC00Z0-BST060). It comes in such a cute colour that it can be flaunted every day! The hoodie also comes with a kangaroo pocket, which is highly trendy and can contain many items (as per your needs). The material is soft and lightweight, yet it protects you against chilly winds and colder temperatures. Moreover, it is highly durable, which means your partner will keep and enjoy it for years. A memory that you will cherish forever! 


A smartwatch can be a great gift for everyone who is tech-savvy. Watches have always been a very popular gift. As technology evolved, smartwatches replaced watches as gifts. For instance, if your partner is a fitness enthusiast, a smartwatch can help them keep track of their daily activities. 

You can also stay connected to your partner at all times by gifting them a smartwatch. All of your messages or notifications will be sent to both your partner’s smartphone and smartwatch. Moreover, it is an accessory that stays on your wrist 24/7, so the recipient will remember you as soon as they take a look at their wrist. 

Last but not least, everyone wants their significant other to be healthy, and a smartwatch can be a great gadget for that. These watches keep track of your heart health and show complete summaries, so if there are any health-related issues, they can be monitored instantly. 

Our top recommendation is the OPPO Band, which is not only innovative but also extremely well priced. If you visit our site, you can also get your hands on our exclusive BOGOF deals. 

Essential Bundles

If you want to make your own customised tech basket this Valentine's Day, then Laptop Outlet also has some existing deals for you. This is a great way to mix and match and present not one or two gifts, but a complete love bundle with different items that your loved one can use and enjoy. 

For instance, our top-demanding bundle includes a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard, and headphones. You can order this bundle from our site and enjoy exclusive discounts. This way, you can even create a cute package with all the tech tokens for your partner. 

Be your own cupid!

Now that the gifting part is covered, let’s look at some other ways in which you can make Valentine's Day extra special for your other half. 

  • Visit the location of your "first date" for your Valentine’s dinner. Nostalgia can be extremely beautiful if you are in a happy relationship. You can order their favourite meal, talk about the things you discussed on your first date, and take romantic pictures with each other. 
  • Exchanging gifts is all about the sentiment. If you cannot afford to give costly gifts, then you can simply do some research and buy something valuable within your own budget. What matters is how you are expressing your love and gratitude. For instance, attach a handwritten note with your Valentine's tech gifts and give a modern yet traditional token of love to your partner! 

We hope that this article was helpful for you. Have a lovely valentine!