Every laptop isn’t meant to be a powerhouse, but can fulfill every requirement of some users like a pro. The Dynabook Toshiba Satellite Pro C40-G-109 is one such laptop, made to impress the most basic consumers. The laptop, at a single glance, delivers stunning sleek look with satisfactory features for everyday computing. With this laptop, one could easily say it’s built for productivity and lets its audience connect or work from anywhere.  

Toshiba has definitely put its best in assembling this durable laptop with compatible specs in an affordable price. The non-premium laptop still delivers handsome vibes for a polished look on the desk and smooth work routine. Couple of extra features like HD webcam, Cortana microphone and stereo speakers make the laptop a good alternative for traveling gadget. Of course, the 14-inch display is still portable so you can replace your old tablet with the laptop for good usefulness.  

In this review, we have evaluated the Dynabook Satellite Pro C40-G-109 specs and made sure to shed light on all the features it has to provide. 

Key Specs 

Processor: Intel Celeron N  

Screen Size: 14 in 

Display Resolution: 1366 x 768 

RAM: 4 GB  

Storage: 128 GB SSD 

Graphics: Intel UHD GPU 

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 


Design and Build 

The Dynabook Toshiba Satellite is designed with a modern elegance, featuring mostly all-black chassis and the rear cover display. Weighing almost feather-like at 1.55kg, the laptop delivers portability at 18.9 mm thickness. The material used in the overall build of the laptop is not entirely plastic, yet it is durable for drop testing. One can be rest assured about accidental damage controls while traveling or carrying it in backpacks. 

The keyboard placed on the deck comes with a tactile feedback between its keys, while the trackpad feels smooth to navigate between apps. The brand has also included an HD webcam that comes for conducting online meetings or being a part of seminar conferences. You can seamlessly work from home and communicate with your friends or colleagues. Overall, the black-grey texture of the laptop’s surface feels soft and silky to press your finger on, anywhere. 


The 14-inch display featured in the Dynabook Toshiba Satellite C40-G looks quite familiar when you view other variants of the laptop. Equipped with the HD+ Resolution, the bright LCD panel just works fine for most of the viewing times. There is no anti-glare technology included in the screen which could make it appear reflective under the sunlight. However, since the brightness of the laptop is more than adequate, one can find it easy to view the screen without facing any glitches. 

The side bezels and top base is kept narrow-thin, with giving users a wider look on the display. The bottom bezel is thicker, which still complements the large keyboard and Clickpad. For a better experience, Toshiba has also integrated a Precision touchpad with the keyboard. Along with an immersive experience from the display, users can enjoy navigating through multiple apps or programs. 


As easy as it gets- the performance of the Toshiba C40-G is no surprise at all. You will get exactly what it is stated on the specs sheet. The laptop’s Intel Celeron processor boasts a maximum turbo speed of 1.9GHz. With this processing speed, you can smoothly run through casual computing without having to expect unusual lags. The 4GB RAM comes with a steadfast pairing of 128GB solid-state drive storage, making multitasking seem easier. Usually, with light-powered laptops, multitasking isn’t as common but with SSD included in this laptop, you can take your hands through light-handed multitasking. Moreover, the laptop supports extra technology features such as enterprise-grade encryption through TOM security. 


With collective ports added in this Dynabook laptop, there isn’t much that you’ll feel unjustified about. Besides some useful features like HD webcam, Hello Cortana and built-in stereo speakers, the laptop also gets its users fulfilling number of ports. For advanced connectivity, Dynabook has made sure to include built-in USB Type C port that is a great help for faster data transfers. A full-sized HDMI port is also there for connecting through complex presentations, while a micro-SD card reader makes portable storage option feasible. All the other ports like USB Type A and B along with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection slots are also included in the laptop. 


The battery performance of the Dynabook Toshina C40-G is remarkably excellent. With a device as compact as this Toshiba laptop, you can drench an almost 15-hour loop out of its battery. In other words, this laptop can easily become your go-to for travelling wherever you want to, without caring about the plug socket. A simultaneous use of the laptop is capable of lasting it around 13 to 15 hours. If you decide to run it consecutively for video playback, it can still deliver handsome daytime hours of lasting time. For office employees, or professional individuals, this compact machine can do a pretty incredible job at handling day to day work without battery anxiety. 

Final Words – Verdict 

It is not as hard to explain why the Dynabook Toshiba Satellite Pro C40-G can be your go-to device at work, or at home. From its power-packed battery life of 16 hours to reliable assembly of specs with SSD storage, the laptop performs well in everyday computing. Moreover, what one would absolutely love about the laptop is its build factor and nicely designed exterior. The brand has largely focused on adding security features like TPM encryption and couple of extra ports for user support. On the downside, the laptop does not have a high-end display, where you will be able to still get an HD+ resolution and the speed overall is mediocre. But, if you are pretty sure about your work requirement, you would know this device isn’t needed for more than what it states.