It November is over which means there are now a vast number of moustaches being seen; this last month has seen many around the world participating in the movement ‘Movember’ where moustaches are grown to raise awareness of mens’ Mental Health and Cancer. Amongst the itchy skin and hairy chins, money is also raised to fund extensive research and projects aimed to enhance the treatments men affected by these health issues can access, as well as supporting those around them.

At Laptop Outlet, we joined forces with Intel and are donating a lump sum of funds we have raised throughout November in support of the Movember Foundation. We are thrilled to announce that this partnership has raised a grand total of £2470, all of which will donated to help finance the thousands of projects carried out to make a difference in the face of men’s health. 

More than an impressive 1250 projects worldwide have been funded so far in over 20 countries, with many more currently in the pipelines. Every penny from our partnership with Intel will go directly towards funding a variety of Movember's work from ground-breaking research into new treatments for men’s cancers, increasing social connections which allow those affected to engage with others and reach out for support to the impact that Covid-19 has had on men’s mental health throughout the pandemic. Every project aims to not only improve the quality of life but also create a more positive outcome for men living with health issues. 

Together, we can reduce the statistics of men dying prematurely from these largely preventable conditions and create a wider support network where everyone can reach out.