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Steel Series 57002 Diablo III Headset, Clear Audio Sound Reproduction Experience.

Steel Series 57002 Diablo III Headset, Clear Audio Sound Reproduction Experience

SKU: L7-1899

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  • Clear sound reproduction from the atmospheric mus

  • Invisible retractable unidirectional microphone in

  • Diablo III themed driver for Mac OS X and Windows

  • 50mm drivers provide a detailed audio experience

  • Condition: Brand New (See Description)

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    1 Year

    • Clear sound reproduction from the atmospheric mus
    • Invisible retractable unidirectional microphone in
    • Diablo III themed driver for Mac OS X and Windows
    • 50mm drivers provide a detailed audio experience a
    • 2 illuminated zones including ear cups and Diablo

    SteelSeries Diablo III 57002 USB Connector Circumaural Headset


    With the release of the much anticipated Diablo III game, many Diablo series fans immerse into the fantastic, infinite battlefield. To bring your gaming experience to the next level, SteelSeries introduces the light weight Diablo III headset which has great quality sound and is comfortable to wear. The punchy low & mid-frequency sounds and clear highs eliminate everything between you and your game. The LED trigger pulse illumination is very much like the game itself completely in your face!




    SteelSeries Headset

    Sound Sanctuary

    Clear Sound Reproduction From the atmospheric music to bones shattering.

    OS X & Windows

    Diablo® III-themed driver for Mac OS X and Windows.

    Demon Red

    Two illuminated zones including ear cups and Diablo® III slashes.

    Closed Headset

    Passive noise reduction via leather padded cushions built from sound-dampening foam.

    Pull-Out Microphone

    "Invisible," retractable, uni-directional microphone in left ear-cup.

    Clean Soundscape

    50mm drivers provide a detailed audio experience at high, low and mid tones.

    Extreme Comfort

    Lightweight headband suspension for comfort during long gaming sessions.

    In-Line Volume Control

    Integrated volume and microphone control located on headset cord.



    Incredible Sound

    Featuring 50mm driver units that reproduce crystal clear sounds in high, low, and mid-range tones is at the core of what is creating an incredible Diablo® III audio experience. Whether it's the ominously toned soundtrack, the approaching hiss of a Witch Doctor's firebomb or the bloody rage of a Barbarian whirlwind, users will clearly hear the gut wrenching hurls and exploding innards of your enemies.


    Demon-Red Illumination


    Alert the world around you that you're in the game. The matte black headset features "demon" red, LED illumination on the right and left side Diablo® III logo slashes and around each earcup.


    Equalize it All


    Let's face it, the way you hear the game is unique to the tones your hearing can pick up, and probably completely different than the next gamer, which is why SteelSeries provides Diablo® III Headset users the ability to adjust, personalize and save all of their audio and equalizer settings. Save up to eight settings for specific character profiles.



    Keep Out the Noise

    The earcups feature a leather covered noise reducing foam, which helps you to focus on the important audio or voice communication, and not being disturbed or interrupted by outside noise.


    Lightweight Champion

    SteelSeries over-the-head suspension design keeps the Diablo® III Headset cans lightweight and adjustable for just about every head size. We believe in keeping the gameplay heavy, not the gear you're wearing to play it.


    In Control

    The integrated volume controller on the cord also offers a mute button, all for instant control without having to navigate through software settings.


    SteelSeries Headset

    Retractable Microphone

    The Diablo® III Headset features a retractable microphone system. Pull it out when you need it. Hide it in the left earcup when you don't.


    Smart Noise-Canceling Mic

    When you're playing multiplayer, it's more than just rugged skill that will win you achievements, it's communication that will help you dominate. To support that, The Diablo III Headset features an active noise-canceling, "smart" microphone that allows your team to hear you above whatever is happening in the area around you appliances, dogs barking, whining spouses, and more.



    Glow Baby Glow

    It's not the Burning Hells that power this bad boy, but a total of 18 LED lights to power the red illumination and 4 pulsation options. It is color and light with a purpose. In-game activity is mimicked and illustrated through the pulsating red glow enter into battle, dominate insidious traps, interact with your environments your headset lighting will show it all.





    Diablo III





    Matte Black


    Wireless Type



    Driver Unit


    Headphone Frequency Response


    Headphone Input Impedance

    40 ohm



    Ear Coupling


    Cord Length

    3 ft. (USB Cable extension: 6.5 ft.)




    Microphone Frequency Response


    Microphone Sensitivity

    -38 dB




    SKU L7-1899
    Weight (g) 0.0000

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