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Roline 10 Meters LC/LC Network & Fiber Optic Cable, Om4 Duplex Patch, PVC sheath

Roline 10 Meters LC/LC Network & Fiber Optic Cable, Om4 Duplex Patch, PVC sheath

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·         OM4 fiber ✓ Multimode fibers of the type 50/125 μm enable an extended bandwidth of 4700M Hz-km and support Ethernet cabling, Fiber Channel and OIF applications.

·         LAN network ✓ The fiber optic cable with LC and SC connectors is suitable for data transmission in local network connections, as well as for campus or building backbones.

·         High-Performance ✓ Fiber optic cable has many advantages over copper. For ranges of> 550 m at 10 Gbits, or 300 m at 40 Gbits.

·         PVC sheath ✓ The fiber optic cable in violet is coated with hard-wearing PVC. The robust outer material ensures that the cable is hardly inflammable.

·         Compact Condenser ✓ The Compact Condenser in the fiber optic cable, in contrast to a high-speed condenser, provides for better stripping and minimized microbending.


ROLINE OM4 Multimode Fiber-optic patch cable 10 m - For high-performance fiber optic cabling in superior ROLINE quality
The LWL patch cable has two Multimode OM4 50/125 μm fibers, which have an expanded bandwidth, in contrast to OM3 fibers. Therefore, it is suitable for ranges up to 550 m at 10 Gbits or 300 m at 40 Gbits. The cable is suitable for LAN network connections, as well as building or campus backbones.

The fiber optic cable is prefabricated on both sides with high-quality LC / LC connectors. The LC connector is one of the most common fiber optic connectors and is characterized by its highly compact design. The compact cables in the cable ensure a better stripping capability and a greater protection of the fiber. In addition, this is enclosed by a resistant, synthetic plastic fiber, which provides strain relief in the cable. On the outside, the cable is encased in robust and fire-resistant PVC.

In the case of cabling with glass fibers, in contrast to the copper technology, numerous advantages also result:

✓ Significantly higher transmission rates
✓ No influence by electromagnetic interference fields
✓ No scattering on adjacent fibers
✓ No grounding required
✓ Increased monitoring security

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