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Nero Back It Up & Burn (PC CD) solution for backup, burn, recovering data.

Nero Back It Up & Burn (PC CD) solution for backup, burn, recovering data


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Nero Back It up & Burn (PC CD) solution


Dont keep your data unprotected. You never know the consequences, make a backup, have it saved, and feel free. With Nero back it up and burn the back up your data or save it on the CD, have your precious data saved and secured in no time. Forget the conventional tie consuming backup systems. Just open the software and choos from online or offline, and your data will be automatically backed up even the newly created or changed one.


Automatic Backup

It creates an automatic backup of all the files and folders from your hard disk or desired partition all done automatically without any hassle.


Various backup methods

It gives this automation of backing up your file and creating a separate data case with various methods it uses for backing up. These methods include full, incremental, differential, and update methods.


Optional schedule

Backup data process is done with optional scheduling that gives you various options pf backup duration process. You are allowed with options of scheduling your backup process once, daily, weekly, monthly, and more.


Easy Setup

The setup instructions are always available for easy process transitions. The setup guidelines guides you at every step for flawless processing.


Multi- back up sessions

It has the ability to do, multi backup sessions hence backing up our data from multiple devices at a time which saves your time and you can have all your data backed up in no time.


Secured process

The backing up process is when easier for you can be easier for hackers to to have your data stolen. So Nero gives you the excellent option of security. It gives an optional password protection or encryption feature with 256-bit AES.


Meta data backup

It not only copies and backup the files but also file access rights and all of the NTFD Meta data is also backed up along with the relating files and data.



Custom file filters

It gives the users options of customizing the filters thus making it easier for you to back up the important data remaining the rest.


Old Backup removal

All the older backups that are not required are automatically purged and removed.


Automation extension

With its automated feature, not only it allows you to back up your files on the hard drive. But it also automatically stores the newly fresh created files and folder, backed up automatically in Nero online backup center. And creates 1:1 copies of the backed up files.



It quickly and automatically restore the data in windows or Linux based disaster recovery tool. Restores previous hard disk or partition in case of malware infection, or unstable Software installation. The files are restored to another online backup user account. It also offers NTFS files write support feature.


Various Burn formats

It not only backup and restore but also burns the CD. It can burn your various format supporting data. CDs of audio into wav. And flv. Formats. Creates and burns .iso and .nrg disc images. And save protect all of your data with Secure Disc.


Excellent recovery system

It gives an excellent recovery system even from scratched optical devices. The deleted files are also recovered from hard drive and optical discs, flash storage and floppy discs. But it recovers all the data in the previous formats.


Sync system

Nero gives the additional superb feature of syncing your precious data. It can sync the files and data both uni and bi directional. It uses various methods to sync files and folders such as s mirror, enhance, update, and add. Like scheduling backup, it offers scheduling synchronization.






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