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Neato Robotics 945-0109 Neato Botvac 75 Robot Vacuum, Auto-Recharge & Resume.

Neato Robotics 945-0109 Neato Botvac 75 Robot Vacuum, Auto-Recharge & Resume

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Brand new Sealed Unit, Official UK Stock, Full Manufacturer Warranty . Fast Delivery M-F. .

  • Laser-guided navigation system scans and maps the room, plans, and methodically cleans-instead of just bumping around.
  • Combines powerful suction with a blade brush, precise edge cleaning side brush, bagless bin, and extra-large filter.
  • Automatically goes from room to room. When it needs more juice, it goes to its charging base then returns to where it left off.
  • Control Centre-Easily schedule daily cleanings or just push a button for instant multi-room or spot cleaning.
  • Comes with heavy-duty blade brush and two high-performance filters.

Neato BotVac 75 Robot Vacuum--Great for Picking Up Dust and Allergens

The Neato BotVac 75 uses advanced robotic technology and thoughtful design to vacuum homes thoroughly and methodically. Housed in a brilliant white case with lime green accent colours, it offers even greater vacuuming efficiency and capacity for picking up more dust and allergens that lurk in homes. The foundation of Neatos robotic technology is its patented Neato BotVision. BotVision uses proprietary navigation software that is based on SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). It also utilises its own proprietary laser scanner. Neatos proprietary laser distance system continually scans a room, making instant decisions based on input from its external sensors. This enables Neato robots to create detailed and accurate maps of their environment and then methodically vacuum in straight lines, instead of bumping around a room randomly. As a result, Neato cleans a room much more quickly than other robot vacuums.

Square not round

In addition, the orderly and directional navigation made possible by BotVision meant Neato could design a D-shaped robot with three straight sides and a large brush positioned across the full width of the robot, not just in a small space in the centre of a circle. Because of its shape, Neato cleans close to the walls and gets into corners.

Large brush, closer cleaning

The BotVacs brush is 50% larger than those found on other robot vacuums. Designed to hug walls for maximum cleaning power, it cleans within 10 millimetres of the wall and even includes a side brush to pick up every speck of dust. Its larger dirt bin holds more captured dirt, dander, pet hair and allergens and is easy to empty.

Automatically avoids obstacles
Automatically avoids obstacles
Let it run, your work is done

A real smarty vac. Neato BotVac uses patented Neato technology to scan the room, plan the most efficient course and complete the job in record time. Detects obstacles. Sees, senses, and responds to furniture, toys and stairs, carefully moving around them, without missing a spot. Cleans where you dont. And others cant. Neato BotVac can even see in the dark. It goes under cabinets and furniture to spot and capture hiding dust bunnies.

The distance from the end the brush to the side wall is only 10 millimetres
The distance from the end of the brush to the side wall is only 10 millimetres
A true vacuum, not a sweeper

A real vacuum: Neato robots are built from the ground up to be true vacuums, not sweepers, with the powerful suction users want from their vacuum. Dirt Defying Cleaning SystemCombines powerful suction with a heavy-duty blade brush, precise edge cleaning side brush, bigger-is-better bagless bin, and extra large filter that captures particles as small as 0.3 microns, like mould and pet dander.

Cleans places you cannot reach
Cleans places you cannot reach
Square, self-charging and upgradable

Square and proud. Neato BotVac has a thoughtfully designed square shape, so it can edge along walls and go deep into corners. Keeps itself charged. When Neato BotVac needs more juice, it goes to its charging base then returns to where it left off and finishes the job. Gets smarter over time. As new features become available, you can download them right into your Neato BotVac. Itll love the extra boost. And youll love your Neato BotVac even more.

Finishing touch side brush and low profile design
Finishing touch side brush and low profile design
Great for picking up dust and allergens

High-Performance Vacuum--great for picking up dust and allergens. Precise edge cleaning side brush. Neato BotVacs precise edge cleaning side brush makes sure not a speck of dust escapes its path.

Dedicated shortcut buttons for spot cleaning and home cleaning
Dedicated shortcut buttons for spot clean or home clean
Effortless cleaning

Cleans when and where you want. Schedule daily, instant multi-room, and spot cleaning. Easily schedule daily cleanings or just push a button for instant multi-room or spot cleaning. Comes with the heavy-duty blade brush and one extra high-performance filter.

Smart, stylish and powerful
Smart, stylish and powerful
About Neato Robotics

Neato Robotics believes it is possible to create robots smart enough to perform household chores as intelligently and efficiently as a human. Neato is dedicated to improving consumers lives, allowing them to spend less time cleaning and more time with family and friends. Neato is driving innovation with products like the Neato Robot Vacuum that are smarter, more powerful, and more effective than anything previously seen on the market. For more information, visit www. neatorobotics. com/

  • Laser-Guided Mapping & Navigation
  • Auto-Recharge & Resume
  • Multi-Room Cleaning
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Scheduling
  • Software Upgrades
  • Engineered to be a true vacuum
  • All Floor Types
  • Easy-to-Empty Dirt Bin
  • Easy-to-Clean & Swap Brush
  • Side Brush

Box Contains

Robot Vacuum
High-Performance Filter
Blade Brush
Side Brush
Integrated Charge Base
Power Cord

Other in the Box:
High-Performance Filter (1)
Boundary Markers
User Guide
Important Information Insert




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