Lenovo C50 23 inch FullHD Touchscreen All In One PC Core i5 4210U 8G RAM 1TB HDD

Lenovo C50 23 inch FullHD Touchscreen All In One PC Core i5 4210U 8G RAM 1TB HDD

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Lenovo C50
Lenovo C50 is a compact and sleek desktop PC for daily usage at home. This impressive desktop have everything you need for efficient computing in one product. Most of all it is affordable for everyone.

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Special Features
It is a space saving desktop PC that offers you everything in one product. From CPU to monitor you will have in it all connectivity options, powerful processor and touchscreen. Wider display will let you enjoy all your videos and movies with realistic experience. For multitaskers, it is a robust PC that will assist you in all your long term projects without slowing down.

All-in-One Design
It is an all-in-one desktop PC.  This design will save space on your desk. It is slim and compact but performs like any well-equipped super computer. Keep it at home and it is perfect for everyday computing. It is available in black finish with slim body and weighs only 6.2 kg. So you can easily move it from one place to another. The upper structure is balanced on beautifully designed supports.

Operating system
It’s CPU is a complete power house with Intel Core i3 processor installed in it. Making it an excellent choice for multitasking and office work. For data storage you will have an ample space of 1 TB that is spacious enough to store in all those heavy multimedia files in it.8 GB of RAM will be keep everything going on smoothly. Clean-up all your files with Lenovo Assistant interface and get trouble-free network connections. You will never have risk of losing your important data as it comes with a Rescue System installed in it that will keep your files safe, if lost it will quickly recover them all.

Input Devices
Along with touch screen, for extensive typing it comes with an AccuType keyboard designed following the trends of modern technology manufacturing. Keys will allow you fluid, accurate and comfortable typing. Less tiring as compared to any standard keyboard design. It will let you enjoy video calls with great clarity with it’s integrated HD webcam. A USB optical mouse also comes with it for swift surfing.

Connectivity and Setup
It have all necessary connectivity options. Other than webcam and speakers, it have all USB ports to connect your input devices. It will connect you to the internet without any interruption via Wi-Fi and if you want a more reliable connection go for Ethernet. Stream all your favourite music direct from your smartphone on your PC with Bluetooth. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports will accommodate your devices with Lenovo C50. One screen is not enough? Then connect another monitor with HDMI. 

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Lenovo A540 23

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