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Lenovo C460 21.5" Core i3 All in One PC intel 4130T 2.90 GHz 4GB RAM 1TB Win 8.1

Lenovo C460 21.5" Core i3 All in One PC intel 4130T 2.90 GHz 4GB RAM 1TB Win 8.1

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Lenovo C460 All in One PC 


With latest modern flare to the traditional Desktop systems, a new category of all in one arises with is a perfect Desktop solution in a compact device. These desktop PCs require 80% less space than traditional systems.


Super strong processors

This strong all in one PC is powered by the 4th Gen Intel core processor that makes it a powerful device with up to 10 times more powerful performance. This processor makes every transition and the running of device easier with even larger and more amount of apps and programs running.


Multimedia supportive

A superb device with integrated DVD both reader and writer which means you can not only view your DVDs but also can create one. And with HDMI output you can now have a complete home media theatre entertainment like never before.

Lenovo C460


Accu Type wireless keyboard

Accu type wireless keyboard gives an ergonomically experience with a sophisticated style. ergonomic keys allow more fluid, spacious, comfortable and accurate typing than standard keyboards, while the optional Intelligent Touchpad lets you use Windows 8 gesture controls without the need for a multi-touch display.


Wide storage

This all in one PC system comes with an ample amount of storage up to 2TB HDD storage that lets you save your data without any fear of getting short on space and lets you apps go flawless. And additional 8GB storage gives you a flawless multitasking.


Built-in security

This desktop PC along with its strong processor is fully guarded with built in security features that prevent it from identity theft and ensure safe access. There are also Dolby built in speakers that allow you to have a perfectly amplified audio clarity.


Compact design

The all in ones are specially designed to add a futuristic approach to your tradition PC systems because PCs are a must have device that nothing can replace. So it is specially designed with the dimensions and features to acquire 80% less desk space.This 21.5" all-in-one takes surprisingly little space on your desk, counter, or entertainment center. Not only is it occupies lesser space while working or residing, but it is free from unwanted wires that allow you to pack it neatly when not in use.

Lenovo C460


Windows 8 compatibility

It is fully compatible with the latest version of the windows that is windows 8. With its touch screen display and super fine image quality the windows 8 transitions and appearance seems so fluid smooth. And gives fully access to customize the screen app tiles the way you want.


Lenovo assistant

Lenovo assistant is an easy to use user interface that provide a guided help for various task like History and Pc cleanups, organizing of your favorite apps, manage your networks and energy saving features.

Lenovo C460

Lenovo recovery system

Quickly and easily backup and recovery system files, applications, drivers, and user files. So you don’t have to waste time and stop for longer more boring delays. Lennovo does all the task for you in no time.

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