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Original Green Cell AD54 Laptop 45W Charger Designed For ASUS, Medion & Toshiba

Original Green Cell AD54 Laptop 45W Charger Designed For ASUS, Medion & Toshiba

  • Green Cell power supplies.
  • Short circuit protection
  • Resistance to temperature
  • Resistance to temperature
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Condition: Refurbished


A Grade. These are Open boxed / returned units in pristine condition. They are professionally tested and restored to Factory default state. Cosmetically they would be in excellent condition. They have original accessories and come with Warranty for customers’ peace of mind.


1 Year

A dedicated power supply for your laptop model

A safer and more durable solution than universal replacements.


Exact parameters

Green Cell power supplies offer almost perfect voltage and current, which allows you to power even very sensitive equipment.


Short circuit protection

When it detects the danger of a short circuit, it automatically cuts off the electronic system.

Resistance to temperature

Temperature control protects the equipment against overheating.


This product is compatible with: 

Asus F551: F551C, F551CA, F551M, F551MA
Asus K450: K450C, K450CA, K450CC, K450J, K450JB, K450JF, K450JN, K450L, K450LA, K450LB, K450LC, K450LD, K450LN, K450V, K450VB, K450VC, K450VE
Asus K451: K451L, K451LA, K451LB, K451LN
Asus P450: P450C, P450CA, P450CC, P450L, P450LA, P450LB, P450LC, P450LD, P450LN, P450V, P450VB, P450VC
Asus X450: X450C, X450CA, X450CC, X450CP, X450E, X450EA, X450EP, X450J, X450JB, X450JF, X450JN, X450L, X450LA, X450LB, X450LC, X450LD, X450LN, X450M, X450MD, X450V, X450VB, X450VC, X450VE, X450VP
Asus X452: X452C, X452CP, X452E, X452EA, X452EP, X452LD, X452M, X452MD, X452MJ, X452V, X452VP

Toshiba Libretto: W100, W105
Toshiba Portege: A30, A30-C, Z30, Z30-A, Z30-B, Z30-C, Z830, Z835, Z930, Z935
Toshiba Satellite: C50-A, C50-B, C50D, C50D-A, C50D-B, C55, C55-A, C55D-A, C55DT-A, C55Dt, C645, C645D, C650D, C655D, C660D, C670D, C70, C70-B, C70D-A, C70D-B, C75D, C75D-A, C845D, C850D, C855, C855D, C870D, L50-B, L50T-B, L70-B, L735D, L750D, L755D, L830, L850D, L950, L950D, L955, L955D, NB10, NB10-A, NB10t-A, P840, P840T, P845, P845T, S50-A, S955, T210, T210D, T215D, T230, T235, T235D, U50t-A, U840, U840T, U840W, U845W, U920T, U920t, U925T, U925t, U935, U940, U945, Z30, Z30-A, Z30-B, Z30-C, Z830, Z930
Toshiba Satellite Pro: C660D, L830, NB10, NB10-A, NB10t-A
Toshiba Satellite Radius 11: CL10, L10W, L12W
Toshiba Satellite Radius 14: L40D, L40W
- Toshiba ChromeBook CB30
- Toshiba KIRA
- Toshiba Satellite Radius P50W

Medion Akoya: E1225, E1226, E1228, E1230

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Product Identifier
Brand Other
Condition Refurbished
Warranty 1 Year
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