Laptops Under £200

Looking for the best laptops under £200 UK? We have an extensive range for you! Featuring all top brands like Dynabook, ASUS, Lenovo, HP, GeoBook, and many more, you can find the laptop that best suits your needs and budget.

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Laptops under 200 

If you are a student, a casual user, or someone who needs a reliable device for daily  

 computing, getting laptops less than 200 pounds is more than enough to meet your needs. The best laptops under £200 feature Intel Celeron, Pentium, or N-series processors. These power-efficient CPUs require minimum power for functioning and hence make the most portable laptops. 

Cheap Laptops for sale under 200 

Chromebooks are an excellent pick for getting a laptop under 200. These devices run on Google’s exclusive "Chrome OS," which depends more on software than hardware. Anything you save automatically goes to the web, so all your data is fundamentally secure from any threats or malware. 

ASUS Chromebooks are highly known for offering reliable laptops under 200 pounds. These ultra-slim and ultra-portable laptops can do whatever you want without come with an affordable price tag. 

Best laptops under £200 UK 

Refurbished laptops are a great way to save money and still get a reliable device in your hands. Intel Celeron N and MediaTek processors are highly recommended for performing everyday tasks without overheating. Also, try to get an SSD (Solid State Drive) instead of an HDD (Hard Disc Drive). Even though you can get more storage for the same price with an HDD, an SSD is much faster and has a snappier feel. 

200 pound Laptop 

Laptop Outlet offers a range of cheap laptops under 200 for users who don’t want to break the bank. Students can login with their Student Beans ID and avail a flat 15% discount across the website. You can also check out other features like interest-free financing to take some financial burden off your shoulders. 

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