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Canon BCI 1411 Ink Tank 1x Light Magenta High Quality Print Presentations Photos.

Canon BCI 1411 Ink Tank 1x Light Magenta High Quality Print Presentations Photos

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Canon BCI 1411 Ink Tank 1x Light Magenta High Quality Print Presentations Photos

Prices for printers keep getting lower as the technology for home and office computer printers advances. In fact, there are many inexpensive printers available on the market now, and it is no longer necessary to spend a lot of money to purchase a quality printer. However, buyers should be aware that while the price of printers has dropped, ink cartridge prices remain the same. This is because ink cartridges are the true bread and butter of the printing industry. Printer manufacturers know that once a customer buys a printer, they will need to keep purchasing ink for the printer to work. Without ink a printer is useless, and running a printer with no ink can damage or break it.

How Toner Works

Toner is a powder consisting of two parts, pigment and plastic. The pigment gives color to the text and images. It is blended into plastic so the toner will melt when put through the printer's heat fuser. As printer paper is passed through the heat fuser, the toner melts and binds to the paper to ensure no smudges or bleeding.


The quickest way to determine what kind of toner cartridge is needed is to look at the manufacturer's part number. This can usually be found on the printer, fax machine, or copier; it may also be found in the operations manual that came with the device. If the part number is not available, try searching for the model number of the device. Most manufacturers will provide a way for users to find a part or model number in order to find the appropriate toner cartridge.

  • Original inkjet cartridges
  • CAN BCI-1411PM P-MAG DYE 330ML



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