The Oppo watch is a well-rounded Google-powered smartwatch with eSIM support. As the name suggests, Oppo Watch is Oppo’s flagship smartwatch that works on Google’s Wear OS operating system. The Oppo Watch 41mm looks close to Apple, whereas Apple defiantly inspires the design and packaging. Let’s review Oppo’s 1st 41mm smartwatch, and see why it’s different from Apple, and a must buy a smartwatch.  





46 x 39 x 11.4 mm  




1.91-inches AMOLED   


Android Wear OS - International  


Primary: Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear 3100  

Battery Saver Mode: Ambiq Apollo 3 chipset  




Yes- Loudspeaker.   






Heart rate,   

Compass & Barometer  


Black, Silver Mist, Pink Gold, Glossy Gold  

Price of OPPO Watch 41mm  

The Oppo Watch 41mm retails at £229.99. The price is quite affordable when compared to other brands around.   

OPPO Watch 41mm: Design & Display.   

Yes! The design looks like Apple watch from its size. For untrained eyes, the Oppo’s watch might feel like Apple watch. The gorgeous display flows into an aluminum case feels premium to touch. The left-side had a speaker, whereas the right-side has 2 buttons. The lower button has an accent and can be set to perform functions that you can choose.  

Moving towards design, the watch has a resolution of 402 X 476 (336ppi), which is highest on any smart wearable. Due to its highest resolution, the design of icons is sharp and feels noticeably clear. That is why, with standard viewing distance, there aren’t any individual pixels visible. 

The AMOLED screen helps get the best views and adds another level of immersion as a side doesn’t fade away. The colours vibrancy is also good due to its inky black background. Moreover, the screen comes with 5-level brightness which eliminates outdoor legibility also. This is the best display you can find on a smartwatch for its colour & sharpness.  

Fitness Features in Oppo Watch 41mm  

Fitness tracking is another strong part which this watch can handles very-well. The heart-rate monitor at the back regularly checks your pulse and keeps collecting the record. For your runs, step count, and cycles of exercise, GPS is also inbuilt. Sedentary alert function is  also installed to take us stretches every hour rather than long sitting sessions. The Inbuilt Google Fit brings hundreds of exercises pre-installed. More water sports are added which includes paddle boarding & kite surfing.   

Need More? Install the HeyTap Health application for a lot of other health features. The application comes with five specially developed workouts: fitness run, fat burn run, Outdoor walk, Outdoor Cycling, and Swimming. You can track your activities on this application.   

Oppo Watch 41mm: Performance & Software.   

For years, Android OEM were struggling to get a lag-free device which gives a consistent performance. But the only exceptions were expensive Samsung watches which runs Tizen OS and Exynos silicon. The rest of the brands always face the difficulty while getting smooth operations in Wear OS. Overall, in terms of smooth performance, the Oppo Watch scores highest in this regard. The Oppo’s watch performance is inspired by the dual-chip system backed by Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear 3100, and Ambiq Apollo 3 Chipset® for battery saver mode. The Snapdragon 3100 is 2 years old now and also improvised this year. (not included in this smartwatch).   

The Oppo Watch runs a forked version of Wear OS1st of its kind along with ColorOS customization on the top. The overall software and internal appearance are smartly designed with notification shades at the topThe interface and software comes with a 3x3 grid of round icons.   


The battery power of Oppo watch is awe-inspiring and large. The watch comes with a 430mAh battery. Oppo claims 36 hours (about one and a half days) of battery time, but that isisn’t true. The battery lasts 25-30 hours only, therefore it’s almost necessary to charge every night. Even with these 30 hours of usage, the battery is impressive compared to other devices available around. Two chipsets power the device out of which one is specially designed for Power Saver mode.   

The refueling is much more comfortable and quicker due to Oppo’s VOOC flash charging support. It can charge an empty battery in an hour only with top part gets charge in 1st half-hour only.   

The Bottom Line: Should you buy Oppo Watch 41mm?  

There are plenty of Wear OS-based smartwatches available in the markets, but very few of them are enjoyable as Oppo Watch is. Its consistent & sleek design makes it’s a smart choice for smartwatch users. The watch comes with much functionality related to fitness. Specialized health tracking, exercise tracking, sleep tracking and workout guide are some of the interested venture for health enthusiasts. The Oppo Watch 41mm is a must-buy device. The Official Oppo Store has more accessories, smartwatches, and cell phones.