Take the name of powerful gaming brands, and MSI would come in the leading list for producing best MSI gaming Desktop PCs. The MSI Infinite is one of those potent gaming PCs that leave no power behind to conduct relentless gaming experience. 

Professional or intense gamers can surround their hopes with the MSI Infinite gaming desktop PC, owing to its advanced features. This PC is built executively for rigorous gaming sessions that fire up with impressive desktop pc performance. The PC also supports VR-ready easily and allow adding VR headsets to play along all the latest and modern games without any conditions.

Aside from front-facing HDMI, a fast-paced processor, this MSI gaming laptop also features RTX 2060 dedicated graphics by NVIDIA. This represents the fact of MSI Infinite PC being incredibly powerful and if you have been a pro gamer, you might not be disappointed with this one. To dig further, our MSI Infinite S 9SC review will elaborate further on how well the specs of this PC can perform.


Processor: Intel Core i5 9th Gen. | 2.90GHz 


Storage: 128GB SSD & 1 TB HDD

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6 | Dedicated Graphics

OS: Windows 10 Home

A Loud Design

The MSI Infinite S shines with its enormous cut-edge design that features razor-sharp edges and striking cuts that automatically excites any user. There is no shortage of illuminating lights that make this Desktop PC glow with an appealing front-facing LED strip. Of course, the jarring and sharp angles make the build more interesting and fascinates gaming users even more. The classic black goes well with the red colour Logo embedded on the top right, which makes this laptop look classy as ever. 

Despite being designed with intricate details and different cuts, the laptop weighs fairly around 15 Kgs. As compared to many PCs, this one encourages the portability factor that is not usually seen in heavy desktop PCs. You can carry it around if it were to be moved around several places within the city. 

How far it can go with Upgradability?

Desktop PCs are supposed to provide the best configuration and upgrading options. While you are intended towards gaming, there’d be more need of upgrading storage, RAM or probably graphics. Thankfully, the MSI Infinite provides enough storage capacity, RAM, and dedicated graphics by NVIDIA. Still, in the case, you might need to add an extra slot, there is enough space that is mounted in the hardware for adding SSD or HDD. 

Performance – Just What you expected

MSI Infinite S performs up to expectations and just as a pro gamer would desire. The processor included in this gaming laptop is the latest Intel Core i5 with a base frequency speed of 2.90 Hz. The maximum potential of the processor can reach up to the turbo speed of 4.1 GHz, which makes extensive gaming easier. There’s no mess when you get into intense gaming sessions, as the processing speed goes beyond 4GHz supports high-level gaming.

On the contrary, the 8GB RAM complies excellently with the two storage options including 256GB solid-state drive storage and 1TB HDD. This combo is a booster for hard drive speed and capacity, enabling the overall system performance to become effective.

NVIDIA Rules the Graphics

Most of the high-level gamers are concerned the most about GPU card. MSI Infinite leaves no edge over incorporating the best graphics processing power. The RTX 2060 is the latest NVIDIA performer that is in trend for delivering vivid, detailed, and crisp graphics on your screen. With dedicated NVIDIA graphics, you have nearly zero probability to get any screen glitch while playing a heavy graphic game.


In a nutshell, the MSI Infinite S 9SC plays no game when it comes to power, productivity, and versatility. This Desktop PC despite having minor peculiarities but relies on executing efficiently enough results for gaming. While MSI gaming PCs are always on the top, this Desktop gaming PC stays under the positive belt for its practical features and stunning performance. Get your MSI PC at Laptop Outlet, in case you are thinking of buying best PC deals.