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Why choose a refurbished desktop

Over recent years, the number of people buying refurbished tech over new has rapidly increased over all bases, from smartphones to gaming consoles, tablets to desktops. But what does refurbished even mean, and what difference does it make in real life when purchasing? Good question!  

When a device is refurbished, this means it is pre-owned but has undergone tests and restoration to ensure it is of a perfect working order to be owned again. This is the ideal alternative for customers who want to save money on their purchases and/or help reduce their carbon footprint. At Laptop Outlet, we believe in doing our part to help the environment whilst giving you great savings in the process, which is why we stock a broad selection of refurbished technology. If you’re looking to purchase a refurbished

Lenovo Gaming Laptop vs Gaming Desktop

While most gamers understand the thrill of playing their favourite games on a large screen monitor with high-resolution graphics kept on a pedestal with a custom-made gaming desk, they are also beginning to wonder whether gaming laptops are good, if not better, option. It's not surprising - the tech market has seen a steady increase in gaming laptop sales, and manufacturers of these laptops are focusing on wooing their gamer audiences with cutting-edge innovations in GPUs, display resolutions, and high-speed processors. 

Gaming laptops have undoubtedly emerged as a viable option for gamers, promising to provide everything a serious gamer may require to enjoy a high-quality gaming experience. So, if you've ever wondered how a gaming laptop compares to a gaming

Lenovo vs HP vs DELL

The modern technology era is filled with a significant number of brands and latest products. Brands like Lenovo, HP and Dell are unquestionably the first ones to come in mind when you think of buying a new product. Whether its laptops, desktop PCs or accessories, you can count on these leading manufacturers.  

There are number of work requirements and digital routines to follow when you need to use laptops or computers. Some are professionals who have to perform technical tasks while others are businessmen who aim to manage multiple projects through their device. On the other side, some casual users also need their devices for basic computing and average surfing. Another prominent field of using desktop PCS or laptops is ‘Gaming’ that requires good amount of loading and power. For each of these requirements, choosing a good brand

Lenovo desktop computer for business

A profound business desktop computer maintains its speed and performance to the best of what you must find in the market. The best Lenovo desktop computers are aimed for business enthusiasts and high-tech multitaskers.  

The right gaming desktop PC can double any professional experience and enhance the overall quality of work. With Lenovo desktop computer, one thing you will surely get to observe is the right kind of combination. Whether it’s the specs assembly, extra feature addition or generous connectivity choices, these computers can deliver it all. 

Review: Lenovo IdeaCentre A340 All-in-One PC i3-10110U 4GB RAM 1TB HDD
Lenovo is the undoubtedly the biggest name in the tech world. It has always provided the reliable and durable products for all your needs. Lenovo IdeaCentre A340 is a great fit for your office, home, or college. Let us dive right in and see what this PC is all about.
Review: DELL Precision 3640 Tower PC Intel Core i7-10700K 16GB RAM 512GB SSD
DELL Precision 3640 is the hot cake on the market right now. This is the kind of tower PC that you need to do the heavy lifting. You can do photorealistic renderings, data analysis while being creative with animation and CAD. Plus, it is equally capable of creating and editing audio and video.
MSI Infinite S 9SC Review
Take the name of powerful gaming brands, and MSI would come in the leading list for producing best gaming Desktop PCs. The MSI Infinite is one of those potent gaming PCs that leave no power behind to conduct relentless gaming experience.
Review: Lenovo IdeaCentre 3 All-in-One PC Ryzen 3 3250U 4GB RAM 1TB HDD
Lenovo IdeaCentre 3 is a great all in one PC, which is quite suitable for your every day computing tasks, work related tasks, and entertainment purposes. You can stream your favourite movies on its widescreen display, and even play some of the mild graphics games of your choice.
Review: HP Z2 Mini G5 Mini Desktop PC Core i7
This great mini desktop PC proves to be enough for all your needs, whether you want a system for your home or your office. This mini desktop computer is filled with so many specs, that will surely leave you mesmerised. This power-packed mini desktop computer is powered by Intel Core i7 and 2.90GHz processor. It has a memory of 16GB RAM and a storage space of 512GB SSD. It is Windows 10 compatible, so you know you are getting the best interface, for all your operations.
Acer Aspire XC-8850 Desktop PC Intel Core i5- Review
Desktop PC shoppers are always looking for a product that must be durable, built for optimum performance, and has all the necessary agility to bear the load. Moreover, the desktop PC must look smart & price-efficient as well. Acer Aspire XC-8850 is one of those machines; which is always ready to effortlessly slot with-in your home-office setup; despite keeping itself the best budget machine,
Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n-1 Nano Desktop PC Intel Core i7 - Review
Mini PCs can be a great support with their compact sizing and efficient power. If you like having a mini-PC that is built with Nano design and plays an effective role in delivering massive computing. The Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n-1 is one of those Lenovo nano PCs that provides reliable and high-capacity power with its Intel Core i7. 
HP EliteDesk 800 G1 SFF Desktop PC Intel Core i5 – Review
Whenever it comes to your computing needs, HP is always the best solution for you guys. Whether you want to game, work, or just do your simple daily tasks, HP has got your back. If you want to buy a simple desktop PC, for your daily home or office work, then go no further.
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