Lenovo’s upsurge in the technology has been elevating not only in terms of laptops, but Lenovo has a formidable range of Lenovo Desktop PCs. The Lenovo V530S is a Core i5 PC with loads of features to settle for everyday work routine or usual digital chores. While many of us struggle to find PCs in economical range and durable factors, The Lenovo V530S helps greatly.

Aside from having a sturdy build, an equable amount of ports, a consistent performance, this Lenovo PC packs added security features. You are also allowed upgradability like most of these PCs, but this one easily accommodates much higher options. 

The Lenovo Desktop PC V530S SFF review, we are grinding in today should highlight some major facts and figures about this PC.

Specs List

  • Intel Core i5 8th Gen | 2.80GHz Processor
  • 9in size
  • GPU: Integrated/On-Board Graphics
  • 256GB SSD, 256 GB HDD
  • OS: Windows 10 Professional
  • 8GB RAM

Performance – Fitting to the Power

The main consideration we held in our minds was related to the performance of this Lenovo Desktop PC. And we are pleasantly surprised to have known the powerful speed and overall performance of the V530S. While many users constantly juggle between the high and low-speed factor of most PCs, this one has a dire consistency. The core i5 processor by Intel packed in this PC come with a brilliant combo of 8GB memory. This RAM is more than enough to boost hard drive, load several applications at once, and support the usage of heavy software.

Getting to the storage capacity of Lenovo V530S there are two solid options for storing data. This PC has two storage facilities including the solid-state drive storage of 256 GB and an HDD storage of 256GB. You can make the hefty usage of files, documents, or programs quite convenient without worrying on extra time for storage.

The graphics side has the integrated graphics inserted, relating to the Intel Ultra HD graphics. In our opinion, the UHD graphics pairs quite well with the core i5 and Windows 10 professional. If you are fond of watching movies every now and then, the graphics will be fine enough. The budget has the best GPU setting for you and in case you need to upgrade it to the dedicated graphics, there’s no problem in that too.

The Build – Rigid & Robust

The external appearance of the Lenovo PC V530S leads to the SFF design element. If you already don’t know the small form factor which is called SFF, is included to keep the sizing compact. So, this Lenovo PC has a minimal existence that is ideal for business professionals and office users to set it on their desk. It consumes lesser space and is much easier to handle. Now, this PC precisely has a dimension of 12 x 10.8 x 3.9 inches. This allows moving it much easily around from one location to the other. 

The bottom space of the PC is designed with an intake grill to help the cooling system while heavy processing becomes more secure. From first glance, the PC exhibits a professional and friendly look. Weighing at 9.3 pounds, this PC isn’t too heavy compared with its other PCS. And that is the reason you can move this PC quite easily around offices and desks.

Ports & Upgradability

Lenovo PC V530S houses modest ports to be found good enough for connectivity. The regular HDMI, USB Type-A and B ports are adjusted on the rear side along with the Ethernet port and VGA port. The RJ-45 connector is also attached on the front side of the PC. The headphone jack, microphone slot and SD card reader can be seen on the other side.

Final Word

For those who need a reliable, user-friendly, and a potent PC on their desk without having the difficulty of moving, the V530S is the one. The Lenovo Desktop PC V530S prepares to be the best competitor in the market with its efficient quadcore processing and contemporary design.