Rocket League

When you’re a fan of racing games but also don't want to miss soccer, then Rocket League is the perfect choice for you. From amazing graphics to superb gameplay, this game brings some of the most compelling graphics and features.

The History of Rocket League

Rocket League was first released in 2015 and was developed by Psyonix. The gameplay is simple with rocket-powered cars playing traditional soccer. It was available for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well as for Microsoft Windows. Later its duties were gained by Interactive Entertainment, Warner Bros, and was available for PS as well. It recently ended its support for online services. However, the creators switched it from premium gaming to free to play model. .

What Gaming laptop Is Needed For Rocket League?

The game doesn’t require much of the specs. However, having a high RAM and a well-performing GPU can provide an immaculate gaming experience.


For Rocket League to run smoothly on your gaming laptop, you need to at least have an 8GB RAM. A budget gaming laptop ranging from £399-£550 can provide the necessary gaming functionalities needed to run the game.


Your GPU is one of the most important techs in your gaming laptop that can run your games superbly. Again, the selection of the GPU also depends upon your needs. If you’re in for intensive gaming, then you should go for a high or ultrafast GPU. You can choose Nvidia GTX 1060 with 6GB or even go for a GeForce GTX or RTX.
Make sure your processor is at least i3 or AMD Ryzen 3. Apart from that, choose a competitive gaming laptop that covers the issue for heat. When you’ve got a dynamic cooling mechanism for your laptop, it helps lower the heat generation and improves the overall system performance.

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