One of the finest first-person shooting games created, CS:GO is highly regarded in the gaming industry. The intensiveness of the battle and the amazing gameplay make it one of the most competitive FPS games that one can play.

History of CS:GO

The game was developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, released in 2012. CS:GO is the fourth edition in the gaming series, which gained popularity from various platforms. It is available for Windows, OS X, Xbox 360, PS, etc. The teamplay gaming mode alongside a goal reaching gameplay makes it even more intensive. It was widely praised for being competitive than its predecessors and had quite an audience from the gaming world.

What Gaming laptop Is Needed For CS:GO?

Although a simple gaming laptop would do the trick. However, it’s an FPS game that requires sheer accuracy and nerves of steel. You don’t want any lags or disturbances in the graphics since an error even for a minuscule of the time can mess up the entire game.


RAM is immensely important when you need seamless gaming performance. You’ll be needing at least 8GB RAM to run the game smoothly. However, 16GB RAM is recommended as well so that any lags can be mitigated. Apart from that, it would be better that you also install the game on SSD so that it can boot and load faster without any hassle.


The game doesn’t focus on graphical integrations, including the extensive visuals that many other games focus on. However, it still needs a high performing GPU that can give the best results. For starters, you can use the GeForce GTX 1050 or Radeon Vega 8 that will be optimal for low setting gameplay. Apart from that, you can opt for higher GPU such as a GTX or RTX.

Why Buy A Gaming laptop For CS:GO From Laptop Outlet?

It is important that you buy a competitively functioning gaming laptop for playing CS:GO. That is why Laptop Outlet brings the best gaming laptops that offer superb performance for this game. From a high GPU to better processing speed and effective cooling management, you can get a superbly crafted gaming laptop that will run CS:GO without any lags. Our experts know the intensity of FPS gaming; that is why we make sure to create a collection that will serve as the best choice for your needs.

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