Battlefield 5

Battlefield V is another first-person shooting game that brings the intensive battling gameplay for gamers. From a premium subscription for the game to the release of the Deluxe Edition, the game received quite favourable appreciation from the critics. Keeping in the mind the high-end specs of the game, Laptop Outlet brings the best selection of gaming laptops and laptops to run the game most smoothly.

History of Battlefield V

The game did well on its release even with a backlash that it had to suffer from the announcement of its trailer. However, it still came up superbly in the market. Published by Electronic Arts, the game is the 16th instalment in the series, coming with the superb gameplay design and firestorm mode.

What Gaming laptop Is Needed For Battlefield V?

The intensive graphical integrations ask for extensive workability from your gaming laptop. That is why it is important that you invest in getting something that would function the best.


You’ll be needing at least 8GB RAM and SSD support so that the game can run seamlessly. The game takes about 50GB initially, which can increase with updates. Having a high RAM would allow faster processing.


Due to the high graphical integrations, it’s better that you opt for at least 6GB GPU. Nvidia GTX 1070Ti, RTX 2070, or above would suit the needs. However, such kind of graphical performance would cost more ranging from £1500-£2000.

System Integrations

From cooling fan to gaming mouse and keyboard, you’ll be needing high-end peripherals to completely immerse in a splendid experience. Your cooling mechanism should be on-point so that it can control heat outflow, allowing your system to run effectively.

Why buy a gaming laptop for Battlefield V from Laptop Outlet?

Laptop Outlet has the best collection of gaming laptops that are made for Battlefield V. From the latest performance specs to high-end GPU, you can get the perfect option from the choicest of the gaming laptops. In addition, we bring different bundles based on performance and budget that our customers can choose from. You can also request custom build PCs according to your requirements, and our store will deliver the exact requirements proficiently. Apart from that, you can benefit from our payment options and get your goods delivered to your doorstep in no time.

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