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ASUS Premium Care Notebook 2 Year Warranty for E/X-Series, VivoBook X/S-Series.

ASUS Premium Care Notebook 2 Year Warranty for E/X-Series, VivoBook X/S-Series


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  • Extend your 1 year warranty to 3 years
  • Must be applied before the 1st year ends
  • For use with: ASUS Laptop E/X-Series, VivoBook X/S-Series, Zenbook UX-Series
  • Local UK Warranty
  • Condition:Brand New (See Description)
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ASUS Premium Care

Upgrade your standard warranty with ASUS Premium Care and keep your ASUS gear in tip-top condition with an extra year of protection!

Protect Your Products

ASUS Premium Care has several levels of cover to suit your needs, so you can create a tailor-made package to fully protect your ASUS products. ASUS Premium Care includes a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Extended warranty period
  • Hassle-free repair or replacement, including parts and labor
  • Expert support from ASUS engineers
  • Local repair and support (dependent on the extended service package purchased)

For use with: ASUS Laptop E/X-Series, VivoBook X/S-Series, Zenbook UX-Series - see below on compatible models (some modesl may not be listed below but are eligible on this warranty purchase)

Warranty must be applied before the first year of your device purchase

E & V - Series

Eligible/ Compatible Models

E203MA-FD016TS, E203MA-FD017TS, E406MA-BV009TS, E406MA-BV211TS, E406MA-BV284T, E406SA-BV227TS, E406SA-BV242TS, E406SA-BV249T, V412FA-EK444T


F - Series

Eligible/ Compatible Models

F407MA-BV154T, F407UA-BV562T, F412DA-EK080T


K - Series

Eligible/ Compatible Models

K403FA-EB169T, K403FA-EB249T


S - Series

Eligible/ Compatible Models

S330FA-EY038T, S430FA-EB021T, S431FA-AM012T, S431FA-AM016T, S530FA-EJ042T, S530FA-EJ101T, S530FA-EJ201T, S530UA-BR221T, S530UA-EJ453T, S531FA-EJ003T, S531FA-EJ005T, S531FA-EJ037T, S531FA-EJ038T, S532FA-BQ006T, S532FA-BQ061T, S532FA-BQ062T, S532FA-BQ064T


T - Series

Eligible/ Compatible Models

TP412FA-EC117T, TP412UA-EC193T


U - Series

Eligible/ Compatible Models

UM431DA-AM006T, UM433DA-A5003T, UM462DA-AI037T, UX333FA-A4046T, UX362FA-EL142T, UX392FN-AB006T, UX410UA-GV183T, UX431FA-AN001T, UX433FA-A5046T, UX433FA-A5128T, UX433FA-A6061T, UX433FA-A6076T, UX434FL-AI022T, UX434FL-AI062T, UX463FA-AI026T, UX480FD-E1044T, UX480FD-E1049T, UX481FL-BM039T, UX533FD-A8011T, UX533FD-A8067T, UX550VD-BN068T, UX563FD-A1045T, UX581GV-H2001T, UX581GV-H2004T


X - Series

Eligible/ Compatible Models

X409FA-EK034T, X409FA-EK149T, X409UA-EK035T, X412UA-EK038T, X420UA-EK019T, X505ZA-BQ056T, X509FA-EJ077T, X509FA-EJ079T, X509UA-EJ064T, X512DA-EJ193T, X512DA-EJ254T, X512FA-EJ025T, X512FA-EJ033T, X512FA-EJ272T, X512FA-EJ587T, X512FA-EJ588T, X512FA-EJ808T, X512FA-EJ809T, X512FA-EJ825T, X512UA-EJ050T, X512UA-EJ243T, X512UA-EJ245T, X512UA-EJ296T, X512UA-EJ331T, X512UA-EJ458T, X512UA-EJ497T, X512UA-EJ578T, X540LA-DM1052T, X540LA-DM725T, X540MA-DM152T, X540MA-GQ221T, X540NA-GQ052T, X540NA-GQ074T, X540NA-GQ232T, X540UA-GQ1385T, X540UA-GQ1796T, X555QA-DM335T, X555QA-DM336T, X705MA-BX022T, X712FA-BX314T





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