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Adobe Photoshop Elements / Premiere Elements 10 Bundle (PC/Mac) 65136386-OEM.

Adobe Photoshop Elements / Premiere Elements 10 Bundle (PC/Mac) 65136386-OEM

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Adobe Photoshop Elements / Premiere Elements 10 Bundle 


Bring a new creativity to your photos, add a tint of dozens of effects, and make your photo an artistic masterpiece with all new features of adobe Photoshop. Enhance the area specifically you want or bring full picture to life, make a collage and share your moments and thoughts through images with your friends and family and many more features all packed in adobe Photoshop bundle.


Paint effect

With this effect you can paint a specific dull area of your photo and bring the brightness and 100s of effects to your photo. With this feature you are able to make this effect on a specific area of your photo


Automated options

With this feature the Photoshop is capable of automated finding the faces in the image for your easy editing.


Mac OS X version

The latest new feature added is the compatibility with mac devices which previously mac users find difficulty in compatibility and were unable to use some features.


Guided edits

With adobe Photoshop newest featured bundle now the editing is more than just easy. Every edit is guided by the set of instruction that allows you to easily create edit and share photos with tremendous of effects.


Tweak the aperture

The most famous effect that add an enhancement to the picture taken from the DSLRs, which was not possible with simple point and shot cameras. Now with adobe Photoshop its easier to attain this effect up to the desired blurred effect pleasing to your eyes.


Orton effect

The Orton effect that was basically created by the photographer Michael Orton, is an effect where by two separate images , both shot in the same scene but with different exposures are combine together to give you an unusual , soft enlighten portrait image.


Picture stack effect

With this artistic effect you can break your picture into the number of images and outlines a border onto those images, hence giving you a final picture that looks like it has been formulated with the stacking of various picture.


Image adjustments

With this feature you can individually set the contrast, brightness , and other exposure levels of the image part by part like the way you want and whatever specific part you want.



The adobe Photoshop bundle gives you a facilitation in managing your photos and videos easily. Editing, creating and sharing is so easy. With facilitator you can make collages, photo albums, paintings, calendars etc. all with enhancing your pictures along with.


Quick section

This feature allow the user to quickly easily and accurately select the boundaries of the specific part of the image you want. With smart brush your section becomes more accurate and easy.



Enhanced cropping

Crop your image customized cropping tool, and crop the area and proportion of the image you want with free cropping. With beautiful picture and excellent background, now dont worry about a slight photo bomb. Crop it out and make your image an addition to your memory.


Effect that you feel

With tremendous range of effects and elements added into the bundle, select the effect that gives your picture a whole new dimension of style with plenty to choose from.


Flawless slideshows

Now create a full story with your pictures. Dont just let your pictures roll, but edit and arrange them the way you want to roll them into a perfect moment story.



Forget the worry of somehow fitting your desired scene into the one picture with only one angle, now capture the scene, building, anything with full coverage at every angle. Photoshop allows a complete merge of these photos both blending effect that gives you a final picture of your desired scene from every angle you like.


From Flawed to Flawless

With tremendous brush options now you can enhance the dull and boring images to their brightness, whiten your teeth, delete and unwanted element into your screen, and get the elegant and tremendous tone corrections of your superb moment click.


Perfect group photo

Didnt get a perfect group shot, no worries , now you can merge several images with everyones best one, merge the faces and body images from different pictures so that no one left behind and make a perfect memorable group shot.


Beautiful layering

The layering property of the featured adobe bundle gives an opportunity to create beautiful photo framed images and text writing helps you to write anything you want from different range of styles.


Full glory in the image

Photoshop supports the HD image conversion property that give you the liberty to see your photos in high DPI in windows and full retina display in mac.

Video enhanced

Get your video shot to a new level with sound clarity enhanced and different motion effects and imagery effects added in your video to make it dramatically amazing, make it horror, make it a sweet memorable film, do what you want.


Create and share

With all new feature of create and share now you can geo tag your photos, create the photo album of your memorable event and share it online, you can also share individual images , share your images onto your favorite social media website and share your precious moments with your friends and family.






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