The best features of the HTC One, in your pocket

Why compromise on anything but size? The HTC One mini has all the best features of its bigger brother, which means pixel-sharp HD quality on its 4.3-inch screen, epic sound quality thanks to its dual frontal stereo speakers and all the power and versatility of Android Jellybean. Everything's encased in a beautifully crafted metal body that will slip unobtrusively into your pocket when not in use. It's all the best bits of the HTC One, just smaller.

Build your perfect HTC BlinkFeed home screen

Everyone has different needs and interests, and thanks to HTC BlinkFeed™, you can craft your home screen to deliver all your favourite content on demand. Build your perfect home screen by populating it with your choice of content, whether it's updates from Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, news and lifestyle channels, apps, built-in services, personal schedules, Sense TV reminders and more. Need a quick refresh of what's new? No problem, your HTC One mini can update via mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Watch your photos come alive with HTC Zoe

Breathe life into your photo gallery with the help of your HTC One mini's UltraPixel Camera and HTC Zoe™. The UltraPixel Camera delivers great photos even in challenging lighting, while the HTC Zoe™ Living gallery reinvents the photo album, automatically organising your photos based on when and where they're captured. Use HTC Zoe™ Highlights to automatically create instant cinematic movies, and capture the before and after of every shot by snapping with 3-second HTC Zoe™ Photos.

Enjoy epic sound quality with HTC BoomSound

Like its bigger brother, the HTC One mini delivers superb sound thanks to its HTC BoomSound™ dual frontal stereo speakers, powered by two exclusive built-in amplifiers to ensure you get louder - yet richer and distortion-free - sound through speakers or headphones. The built-in music player also comes with a new visualiser offering three themes that move with the beat, while lyrics and album art are automatically downloaded too.